God, the Universe, & Everything Else

Wonderfully-named British journalist and TV host Magnus Magnusson here grapples with expansive issues of Life, The Universe, and Everything, drawing on the considerations of several leading scientific thinkers of the 1980s to help figure things out regarding our existential reality.

Now, 30 years later…. we have Sarah Palin ridiculing one of the most basic and elementary sources of scientific discovery. Sadly, this is just another awful manifestation of the intellectually morbid “Attitude of Discouragement” to borrow Sagan’s insightful expression, that simply cannot be allowed to prevail.

An Open Letter to Liblogs

I’ve always liked to think that that the Liberal Party is a “big tent” and that its unofficial online aggregator reflects that same diversity of opinion.

But there are limits to this notion.

For some inexplicable reason, you’ve decided to protect, tolerate and effectively sustain an anonymous individual that has been waging a determined campaign of libelous character assassination against me, and has spread blatantly malicious untruths of a highly personal nature (outright lies and fabrications about my wife, kids, etc.) and has even threatened to ramp this up to a level of criminal activity (explicitly stating that I will be rubbished through a widespread effort to drag my name through the mud and professionally destroy me).

I’ve complained strenuously about this nonsense and yet you’ve done nothing.

My patience with your ineffectual dithering has run out.

Please delete me from your blogroll at your earliest possible convenience.

Prop8 Crapola

Here’s an appealing advertisement running for the “Yes” side of Prop8 in California that invokes the teachings of Jesus Christ to condemn the supposed “intolerance” of those who reject the idea of outlawing SSM:

It’s a fairly convoluted argument that unsurprisingly involves some quite bizarre, rather circular logic to make its point which goes like this: If you condemn the “Yes” side for being intolerant bigots then in fact you yourself are being an intolerant bigot and are making Jesus weep.

And here’s a rather interesting line of reasoning:

For me, same-sex marriage is different than interracial marriage because one is uncontrollable, while one isn’t. Race truly cannot be changed or controlled. When you’re white, you’re white. When you’re black, you’re black. Sexual preference, however, while it may or not not [sic] be choice, it most definitely is controllable.

There you go. If only gay folks could “control” themselves! Sheeh! Get with the program already.

Aren’t you glad that we don’t have to go through all of this b.s. again?

Maddow Interviews Obama

A good discussion about the economy, free markets, bi-partisan politics, government regulation, accountability, national security, and the war in Afghanistan, etc. from an interview in Sarasota, FL today.

On the other hand…there’s this:

“There have been many underestimated persons who’ve been elected to office and have really been then provided the opportunity to prove the pundints wrong.”

“A Clash of Civilizations”

A rather incredulous Bernard-Henri Lévy describes the partition of opinion in the US presidential election.

Maybe it’s me, but there’s something vaguely reassuring to be drawn from BHL’s wry observations about what he perceives as a deep undercurrent that’s steadily moving towards the left and his amusing view of the Bush administration being “a rearguard, last battle” of the right.

The complete video of his lengthy conversation with Arianna Huffington about what she contends is the “obsolescence” of the conventional left/right political paradigm and whether this ideological terminology is still useful to the public discourse can be viewed here.

The Day in 100 Seconds

More of the political zeitgeist…

Who knew that In the absence of a functioning press corps, Rick Sanchez (good grief, of all people!) would turn into one of the most entertaining and provocative hosts on cable TV? As for Mike Goldfarb… truly astounding douchebaggery!