So Long, For Now


Well, I’m just winding things down here and will be relocating to Vancouver in the next couple of days, but may not be back online for a bit, just so you don’t think I’ve dropped off the planet if there’s no posting for a while.

Specter Vision

It’s a somewhat good thing one supposes that Pennsylvania senator Arlen Specter switched parties the other day to avoid certain defeat in the next primary battle at the hands of the far right-wing Club for Growth, but it’s also more than a little funny to reflect on his words delivered in response to the defection of Sen. Jim Jeffords of Vermont from the Republican Party in 2001:

“I intend to propose a rule change which would preclude a future reoccurrence of a senator’s change in parties in mid-session, organizing with the opposition…”

Weight a Minute…


It’s great that the Liberal Party is finally getting with the program when it comes to OMOV but allow me to challenge this notion that votes should be “weighted” so that urban ridings with more members don’t get more influence than rural ridings. Can someone please explain this concept to me, because I’m not entirely clear on why the vote of someone in a rural riding should necessarily count more than one in an urban (or suburban) riding? I’m sure there must be some intractable electoral logic at work here, but it’s not immediately apparent to me.

And another thing, I’d naïvely thought for many years that OMOV stood for “one-member-one-vote” or does it stand for “one-man-one-vote” as stated by Mr. Ignatieff in the Hill Times the other day? Yes, it’s a small quibble perhaps, but for a “public intellectual” and noted author who, one presumes, chooses his words with great care, one might expect… oh, I don’t know — more care perhaps.

Michael Ignatieff Asks…

What steps are being taken to protect Canadians against swine flu outbreak?

The Liberal leader is apparently so concerned that “foreign governments are fully aware of the measures our government is taking to protect Canadians” that he posts a self-serving video (in two languages!) asking a quite perfectly legitimate question, but then doesn’t bother to provide the answer that would, in fact, make people “fully aware” of the steps the government is taking…

Now, I know I’ve nattered on about the totally asinine format of these videos before, but this instance seems to be a particularly outstanding example of cynical opportunism and pointless delivery.