Fake Billionaire to Moderate GOP Debate

News that reality-show host Donald Trump will be “moderating” a post-Christmas Republican “debate” in Iowa gave Lawrence O’Donnell yet another delightful opportunity last night to heap copious amounts of scathing abuse on the obnoxious grifter…

Of course, should the Newsmax-sponsored event actually come to fruition it will definitely be “must-see TV” – but solely as entertainment or horrific spectacle, which speaks volumes about what a pathetic joke these so-called debates have devolved into.

Lifestyles of the “Job Creators”

Donald Trump has a winsome spokesmodel show off all the creature comforts of his luxurious new jet…

Isn’t it nice to know that the U.S. Department of Transportation uses taxpayer money to provide interest-free loans for the purchase of corporate jets? Even better, the draconian tax code right-wingers are forever decrying, allows Trump to write off the entire cost of his new jet, gold-plated sinks and all, in just 5 short years!

Yessir, life is a wonderful thing in our fabulous new “Gilded Age”…

Correction: As part of Obama’s Stalinist “stimulus plan” businesses are now able to write off 100 percent of “capital investments” (yes, including corporate jets) in the first year, rather than expensing the deduction over five years.

Trump Fires Self, Claims Victory

Almost as completely non-shocking as Fox personality Mike Huckabee’s announcement on Saturday that he wouldn’t be running to be the 2012 Republican nominee, today Donald Trump revealed that he too will not be American’s 45th president.

Not that he wouldn’t have won, of course… you know, had he actually decided to run – at least according to sources inside The Donald’s hair.

“This decision does not come easily or without regret; especially when my potential candidacy continues to be validated by ranking at the top of the Republican contenders in polls across the country. I maintain the strong conviction that if I were to run, I would be able to win the primary and ultimately, the general election.”

2011 Correspondents’ Dinner

It’s always nice to see the President of the United States engaged in an event where the threat of bombing just refers to the possibility there may be some awkward moments of silence after having inadvertently hit the wrong comic note…

Anyway, it was another fairly deft performance at this year’s WHCA Dinner (aka the “nerd prom”) by Obama and his able team of writers.

While not nearly as brilliantly trenchant as it could have been – Stephen Colbert having set the bar almost impossibly high in that regard years ago when ironically fawning over Bush and mercilessly skewering the press with his withering sarcasm – Seth Myers competently delivered a pretty funny routine with some good lines.

Hats off, by the way, to the C-SPAN crew for cutting away from the stage and continually training their camera on Donald Trump – who was, understandably, the butt of a great many jokes at the event. Those repeated profile shots of him with a resolutely grim demeanour and the “fox on his head” were quite amusing counterpoints to the punchlines.

Obama Trumps the Birthers

Today’s release by the White House of President Obama’s “long form” birth certificate likely still won’t satisfy some of the diehard loons, crackpot conspiracy theorists and racist haters that apparently inhabit the Republican party in surprisingly large numbers, but amongst the majority of relatively sane people, the “controversy” over Obama’s birth certificate should now finally be put to rest.

The funny thing is that Karl Rove may quite probably have been correct. Virtually alone amongst right-wing pundits, he has long been pleading with Republicans to drop the issue, insisting that they were being drawn into a trap to discredit them – a “roach motel” as Chris Matthews put it so well. If indeed that’s the case, the strategy worked brilliantly.

Queen of the Birthers Update:
After refusing to talk about the birth certificate she’s been demanding for the past three years and instead launches into a new line of attack, Larry kicks fanatical lunatic Orly Taitz off his show.

Dumping on Trump

Since The Donald announced that he was “seriously thinking” about running for President of the United States, and more particularly since he started breathing new life into the ridiculous “birther” movement, Lawrence O’Donnell at the The Last Word has had a field day skewering the putative billionaire and what Larry vehemently contends is nothing but a shameless publicity stunt.

Last night’s segment may be the best one to date ripping Trump’s credibility (if one can call it that) to shreds.

As entertaining as it would be if Trump did actually run (which I too, seriously doubt), it’s a pretty sad commentary on the catastrophic level of stupefying idiocy that’s evidently rampant within the Republican base that this arrogant, clueless prick is currently leading or coming a strong second in polls amongst various contenders for the G.O.P. nomination.

Trump’s Non-Exit Strategy in Iraq

The Donald displaying the kind of deep thinking and diplomatic sophistication he would exert if elected President of the United States.

Good lord! If you think the planet is a pretty scary damn place right now, just imagine what it might be like if Donald Trump – the quintessential ‘ugly American’ – was leader of the so-called free world. Perhaps it has some appeal to the pro-Armageddon crowd in Iowa, I don’t know for sure, but if he is serious about running (which I doubt) that’s the only way to account for this kind of unfettered crazy-talk.

President Trump?

Could “The Donald” really be much worse than any of the other second-rate hacks, religious kooks, and corporate lackeys that may be running for the Republican nomination?

Hey, the guy even comes with his very own White House in Palm Beach!

Trumping Ron Paul

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in cheering on Donald Trump’s impromptu remarks at the CPAC event last week with respect to Ron Paul, stating “honestly he just has zero chance of getting elected.” Well, duh.

Look, Ron Paul knows full well that he will NEVER be elected and therefore has the luxury of saying anything he damn well pleases, no matter how whacky, impractical, socially unjust, or deeply impolitic his ideas may be. Like our own “no hopers” on the margins of political reality, it’s all a bit of cheat really.

Of course the majority of libertarian whippersnappers adore this cantankerous old fart because they’re: a) completely self-absorbed; and, b) irresponsible boneheads with the foresight of gnat. One would like to think they might feel somewhat differently however were their folks impoverished or even perhaps made homeless by virtue of his theoretical “Austrian economics” actually being put into practical application for the first time in history.

Apprentice Update: Donald Trump shares some of his “ideas” about the economy on CNN (which essentially consist of kicking China in the nads and roughing up some other countries around the world or shaking them down for protection money):

I seriously doubt that Trump has the patience (or money, for that matter) to make a serious run for president, but it’s kind of fun to imagine what things would be like with this arrogant dickhead at the helm of the USA.