GOP Voters

TPM offers up an amusing snippet from one of pollster and evil genius wordsmith Frank Luntz’s infamous focus groups; in this case with Republican caucus voters in Iowa – who are, evidently, some of the most obtuse and profoundly ignorant people on planet Earth.

It would be interesting to know how many of the participants in Luntz’s focus group are regular viewers of Fox News and/or listeners of Rush Limbaugh, et. al. because all of their remarks are simply echoes of the hilariously fact-free tropes about President Obama that are routinely peddled by the right-wing media.

Hannity Busted by Jon Stewart

What a sad comment that a fake news show had to be the one to blow the whistle on another fake news program — that being Fox News’ Hannity, exposing its fraudulent manipulation of images in order to massively inflate the number of teabagging protesters attending Michele Bachman’s recent “house call” on Congress.

Hannity… what a complete douchebag. I wonder if he’ll apologize to his viewers for manipulating them? I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

Update: Well, surprise, surprise… Hannity apologized tonight for his “inadvertent mistake.”

Audit Hannity

More of Michael Moore’s recent interview on Sean Hannity’s show.

WARNING: The mendacity factor here is simply off the register. Watching this video could make your head explode. Viewer discretion is advised.

In addition to his continued failure to deliver on a solemn promise to donate money to the families of military veterans in exchange for being waterboarded (something I’d dearly love to witness after having watched this) in order to “prove” that it isn’t actually torture, let’s add his probable inability to back up his assertion that he currently pays more than 60 percent of his income in various forms of taxes.

But hey, why leave the matter to a gentlemen’s bet between these two? How about instead, the IRS audit Hannity’s income tax statements for the last several years and report back…

Michael Moore v. Sean Hannity

This is why you can never talk to some so-called “conservatives”…

Notice how throughout this “exclusive interview” (which is hardly anything of the kind given Moore has made the rounds of just about every talk-show on cable TV over the past several weeks promoting his new movie) Hannity deploys numerous logical fallacies, patent lies and shifty evasions to dodge every question that Moore fires back at him.

Especially funny is Hannity’s contention that the economic collapse was caused by poor people living beyond their means — despite FBI estimates that directly contradict this ridiculous notion promulgated by the right — and his inability to recall what the nature of the sermon was in the church he claimed to have attended on the weekend. What an amazing douchebag.


In previous versions of this site we’ve pilloried “Hannity Date” for its creepy and quite often hilarious program of coupling like-minded wingnuts on the Internets… With that concept in mind — and this is posted just for fun as much as anything else — I’ve got a question after the break…

Okay, so e-harmony and other such sites claiming to match up people according to various metrics — or as they call it “levels of compatibility” — which sounds good in theory (albeit counterintuitive to the more emotional and viscerally magnetic theorems whereby opposites attract), how do they actually work out in practice? Does anyone have statistics on that? I would wager they’re most likely bullshit, but of course, I could be wrong… Still, I’d be intensely curious to know more about the numbers, and in particular about the couples featured in their ads to see how their “harmonious” relationships worked out in real life.

ACORN’s $8.5 Gajillion

Not that I should be criticizing others for their shocking innumeracy after last weekend’s fantastic screw-up over election costs, but does Sean Hannity seriously not know the difference between a billion and a trillion? Or a million, for that matter…

As for the “$8.5 trillion” figure, it’s kind of funny that just last year House Republican Leader John Boehner stated that a “review of federal records shows ACORN affiliates have received at least $31 million in direct federal funding from American taxpayers over the past 10 years.”

Wow! How the heck did that amount suddenly morph into $8.5 trillion?

Calling the Manatee’s Bluff

Prodded by Charles Grodin, the other day Sean Hannity flippantly agreed to subject himself to waterboarding to benefit a charity for the families of U.S. soldiers. Last night, Keith Olbermann called his bluff and announced that he’s willing to pay $1,000 to charity for every second that the Fox News blowhard undergoes what many consider torture. “This is serious stuff. Put your money where your mouth is, and your nose,” said Olbermann.

“What a breakthrough it would be if, by having reality literally forced upon him, a buffoon like Hannity were to realize the deadly seriousness of this. The searing truth: that the moment of torture automatically makes the presumed bad guy recipient the victim, and makes the torturer into the evildoer.” Indeed.

I would be amazed if Hannity actually goes through with this.

Update: And speaking of torture, here’s a message from Satan.

Conservative “Comedy”

Yes, I know… it’s an oxymoron.

We’ve had this discussion here many times before and have yet to figure out why right-wingers have such a tragically awful sense of humour.

Whackaloon Extraordinaire

I’d heard that Victoria Jackson, the ghastly, washed-up SNL “comedian” and D-list celebrity, was a batshit crazy Jesus freak, but now it seems she’s also a rabid political wingnut. My word, the so-called “conservative movement” certainly does seem to attract the intellectual crème de la crème for some reason, doesn’t it?

Watch and be completely amazed and/or mortified. Oh, go on… I dare you.

Surely the goalposts have moved (possibly to Neptune) when it comes to the definition of the expression “Great American”…