Code Red!!!

Alas, poor Rachel… She continues to be endlessly bemused and frustrated by the motley assortment of shamelessly dishonest, hypocritical fraudsters and morally bankrupt douchebags that presently constitute the Republican Party.

It’s nice to see the Dems (finally!) taking Dr. Howard Dean’s advice and employing reconciliation to get this bastardized healthcare bill enacted.

Pull the Plug

It’s difficult to see how any “progressive” Democrats could support in good conscience what’s clearly become a failed attempt at achieving healthcare reform in the U. S. Congress. Perhaps at this stage of the game, the best thing to do would be, as Howard Dean suggests, just killing the present bill and going for the so-called reconciliation process in the House.

A metaphor, if you will…

Update: Great article by Glenn Greenwald in Salon outlining the duplicity of Obama and the Democratic leadership on the healthcare issue.

“The administration is getting the bill which they, more or less, wanted from the start — the one that is a huge boon to the health insurance and pharmaceutical industry.”

Healthcare Reform & Privacy

Howard Dean responds to a question at the Reston, VA town hall meeting about whether healthcare reform might potentially threaten the privacy of individuals.

It’s interesting to see how Dean turned what might otherwise have been casually dismissed as nothing more than unfounded paranoia into a thoughtful response addressing the much broader issue of legitimate privacy concerns vis-à-vis both the government and private corporations.

Randall Terry Gets Punted

From TPMV, footage of the disruption staged by anti-abortion crusader and batshit crazy lunatic Randall Terry at a town hall meeting in Reston, Virginia and his subsequent ejection.

Here’s another view of Terry on his way out of the building:

Update: The demented sickness of “pro-life” fanatics…

Health Care Reform

“Change you can ratchet down your belief in.”

Update: On a more serious note, Howard Dean provides a lot of common sense and straight-talk about this issue in his recent interview with Esquire Magazine.