Earth to Liberals

Chill out already. Geez. Take a deep breath. Relax.

Sorry, but this sort of thing is downright unseemly.


Who Knew He Had One?

Sorry, but that’s always the first thing that pops into my evil head whenever I see one of these stories about Cheney’s latest heart “incidents” or whatever they’re calling them this year.

What, isn’t this like the sixth or seventh time that Dr. Evil has been whisked off to the local hospital to have stents implanted or, as in this case, for a procedure to “restore his normal rhythm.” So, what is the “normal rhythm” of a cold-blooded reptile anyway, one immediately wonders.

And maybe it’s just me, but I find it more than a little amusing that his cardiac surgeon, when describing the process of atrial fibrillation in layman’s terms, analogized Cheney’s quivering heart to a bag full of worms. Expect to see that on The Daily Show or Letterman, I’d wager.

The “Backfire Effect”

Ever have one of those “Ah-ha!” moments where certain of life’s vexing little mysteries are, if not entirely explained, at least given some much needed illumination? Welcome to the curious perversity of “the backfire effect” as described in this wonderful video from ProfMTH:

When I say “illumination” by the way, I don’t mean all that much informative light is necessarily shed on the causative reasons for the perplexing phenomenon in question, more just that its operative characteristics are accurately described. While these psychological findings are “troubling” (to say the least), they’re also oddly reassuring in the sense of confirming that while you may not be crazy, many other people… Well, maybe not so much.

Beyond the Facts

With many people wringing their hands about the low voter turnout in our “Groundhog Day” election, this seems kind of timely.

Gee, why aren’t more people engaged with the political process…? It’s a complete mystery, isn’t it? Be sure to check out the earlier thread about what’s wrong with American politics for additional clues leading to a possible answer.

Aftermath Thread

For those who care to vent, rant, gloat, or whatever about Harper’s New Blue Ünter-Majority government, here’s another place to have at it…

I’m sure we’ve all got our personal axes to grind, grievances to hone, knives to sharpen and so on. Sometimes it can be good to just let go of those feelings of frustration, anger, bitter resentment, fear, anxiety, dread, panic, etc. as a first step to recovery, rehabilitation or some such presumptuously uplifting thing — all said with the glorious benefit and retrospective certitude provided by MAGI-KLEER X-TRA Strength 20/20 hindsight and special clarity afforded by ITOLDYASO® vision technology (now with NoDoubt™ additive), of course.