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Harper Platform: Stick This!

And yet another glorious pic from the last-minute Harper platform.



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Fiddling While…

Could we possibly make this more obvious? Yes, it’s another picture from the dreadful “Conservative” platform released just a week ahead of a pointless $300 million election attempting to beat out a global economic tsunami. And there is the Dear Leader blithely acquainting himself with a cello at a photo-op featured in their “platform”… Oops, sorry — “plan for Canadians”


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Harper Platform: Swag Shop Edition

Hey, look at all that neat “Conservative” branded stuff you can buy at the Conservative BOUTIQUE! A “support pack”!!! Who knew?


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Harper’s Vision

Okay, so I’m kind of literal minded and am obsessing a bit more than I perhaps should over this, but here’s the front page of Harper’s “plan for Canadians” (a rather disturbing phrase to some) Again, this is presented “as is” but in complete fairness it should be said that there’s a flag flying over top of it.

Well, it’s a rock. A cold, barren rock. I guess that’s meant to represent that the country is “solid” amidst all of the economic tumult (that he totally saw coming a year ago), his so-called leadership and as in the proverbial expression, but this is kind of a dismal picture of the country, wouldn’t you say?


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Body of Lies

Nice juxtaposition. Go liberal media!

The actual speech is here.


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More CRAP Platform Outtakes

Why is this guy smiling? It certainly can’t be because of this

Do we really live in “Harper Country”? There’s a rather frightening concept. Here he is kissing off the retirement savings of seniors, who are oddly swayed (deluded) by the “charm” of this disturbingly cold and insensitive man.


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Henry Paulson: Confidence Builder?

Maybe it’s just me, but every time this asshole steps in front of the cameras to “build confidence” in the markets, he sends shivers down the collective spine of investors.

I cannot imagine a worse spokesman for offering encouragement in the credit markets. The Dow just dropped a pile after his baffling, completely obtuse little lecture. Much like this was illuminating yesterday:

It’s gonna take a while. Great. Now please go fuck yourselves.


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