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Après Dion (Poll)

As it now appears from this article in today’s Toronto Star that Dion will be exiting stage left on Monday, I thought it might be interesting to run a quick poll to see what feelings are in the air about the potential successors (described in brief in the National Post yesterday):

The Angus Reid poll that Star refers to can be found here. Also, they ran a very good piece by Tom Axworthy about revitalizing the party at the grassroots. Obviously, simply changing the leaders won’t be a solution to the myriad problems facing the LPC at the moment, but it will at least be a first step.



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Real Time

Interview with Tom Friedman and the closing (“New Rules”) of the show.

It was a better than usual panel discussion this week featuring Martin Short, Ben Affleck and Bernie Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont.

A couple of quick thoughts on Maher’s conversation with Friedman. He mentioned the situation in Icleland which in case you didn’t know has gone essentially bankrupt after three of the country’s largest banks collapsed. The result? Most foreigners and other banks won’t trade the krona and suppliers from abroad are asking for cash upfront before they are willing to send any supplies. Consequently, there’s been a mad rush to the stores where Icelanders have pretty much cleared whatever they can from supermarket shelves. A spokesman for the largest discount grocery store in the country said they have less than 10 days worth of supplies left in their warehouse. Yikes!

The other thing is the central notion floated in his new book and that is the shift to new energy technology. It drove me completely mental that during the last election, and leading up to it, Stéphane Dion was hopelessly incapable of creating a broader framework and context for his “Green Shift” and it therefore simply became, as described by the Conservatives, a “tax on everything.” Once again, liberals demonstrate how, in recent years at least, they consistently get outfoxed by conservatives when it comes to “framing” issues. When will they ever learn these simple lessons? Oy.

In some of the Liberal commercials they mentioned “green jobs” or something like that, but there was no substance to it other than being a pleasing expression. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why he didn’t discuss some of the exciting new technology that’s emerging that the government could have helped to facilitate with various incentives. Most people would probably agree that Stephen Harper isn’t exactly a man of vision — except to the extent of imaging Canada as being an “energy superpower” with oil extraction programs of “Brobignagian “ proportions (yes, he actually said that). And yet, we see our manufacturing sector and industrial infrastructure gradually falling apart — whether because demand for the products being made is diminishing (much of the automotive sector… wrong vehicles at the wrong time) or because it’s simply no longer “competitive” in a low-wage global race to the bottom. What’s needed is investment to revitalize that sector of the economy focusing on technologies of the future, not trying to prop up the remains of soon-to-be legacy industries. Anyway, it’s just a thought…


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John Cleese on the American Election

Some candid thoughts and observations from Cleese about the upcoming presidential election, Sarah Palin, Obama and a peculiar sort of envy endemic to certain Americans…

Update: Speaking of “anti-Americanism” (as that subject arose in the comments), get a load of this wretched right-wing harridan on Hardball the other night.

What a bitch.


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