Twitter: Where’s the Money?

Twitter co-founder and CEO Evan Williams gets grilled at the Web 2.0 Summit about the company’s revenue model (and present lack thereof). Williams dodges the question, but reiterates his confidence that the micro-blogging service will be able to capitalize on the commercial activity already occurring on the site.

The complete interview with Federated Media’s John Battelle can be viewed at Fora TV here. And a contrasting argument to the social media boom (or fad, if you prefer) by Jon Fisher (head of some division of Oracle) can be seen here.

The Twitter “Fail Whale”

This is a rather interesting metaphor, isn’t it?

Fail Whale

It’s hard to expound too much on it past observing that the notion of a seemingly blissfully oblivious, and rather pacific whale being haplessly lofted in a net by a group of inane, twittering birds as a representation of systemic failure is kind of amusing. And of course, there’s a whole back-story to the iconic image…

Update: Could be the end of this little experiment for me. Over capacity, failed logins, forgotten passwords supposedly sent (but never received) and so on. Fun for a while, but altogether too flaky.

Update2: Ah ha. From their status page…

For the past several hours, we’ve been contending with a high rate of errors on This problem is being caused by over-consumption of resources on our webservers due to several changes we’ve made in the past few days.

Give it another day or so, I guess. But this kind of nonsense can’t go on much more. You can’t get people hooked on crack and the suddenly pull the plug because of “over-consumption”…

More “Twits”

No, not those hopeless nitwits… It’s another hilarious installment of the WP’s series where they pillory the inane and/or ridiculous Tweets of celebrities and others through dramatic reenactments.

The soulless, self-serving missives of Barbara Walters (or more likely her publicist) are particularly funny.

Windows 7.0 Party Time!

I’m beyond speechless. Sadly, the actors in this painfully upbeat “launch party” video for the release of the latest version of Microsoft’s Windows OS weren’t quite so reticent…

Apologies for making you suffer through that hacktacular video — presuming you watched it beyond the 20 second mark. In truth, it was a completely unrelated pretext just to note that there will be light posting and relative inactivity here for a while due to work-related and personal stuff going on at the moment (generally good things, but very time-consuming).

I’ll try to occasionally post on Twitter in the meantime. And yes, I know many people think that’s a thoroughly unserious medium, but I’ve decided to give it the benefit of the doubt for the time being. Beside which, I like the notion of attempting beat the challenge of the puny 140 character limit without all that maddeningly cryptic text-message crapola).

Look! A Shiny Rock!

Hey, just for fun, let’s see what the Washington Post is up to today…

Okay, that was kind of a cheap shot because truth be told this video wherein celebrity Tweets are dramatically re-enacted is actually quite hilarious. But I wonder if Howie Kurtz will be ironically sneering at it on CNN next weekend.


You may have seen this already when it came out on April Fool’s Day. If not, enjoy. It’s kind of funny dig at Twitter.

Incredibly, a number of the 1,200 or so commenters on YouTube seem to have thought this was real. How on earth do people that dumb survive? It’s baffling.