Bright, Shiny Objects

CNN unwittingly demonstrates with this sorry spectacle why so many people have come to thoroughly despise the mainstream media.

By the way, if you want to read an interesting article on this subject, let me recommend an excellent piece that James Fallows wrote in The Atlantic a number of years ago.

Plot Thickening Update:

“When I see clips like this, I just want to give up.” – Chris Hayes


“Justice Sheds” Fill Gap in System

While waiting for their new multi-billion dollar prisons to be constructed, “Conservatives” are protecting their neighbourhoods with homemade “Justice Sheds” to detain suspicious-looking characters the police are too lazy to arrest…

Be sure to check out the assortment of ONN News Patrol action figures at the end of the bit.


Chris Thompson, UBC law student and creator of an open letter in the form of a YouTube video addressed to former Socred premier Bill Vander Zalm (the most vocal proponent of the anti-HST movement in B.C.), appearing on the Business News Network.

Thompson’s amusing explanatory video can be seen here:

It’s interesting that in the last federal election, Smilin’ Jack Layton was traipsing around the province merrily promising that if he was elected, an NDP government would repeal the HST in B.C.– a position also supported by his provincial counterparts. More proof that when it comes to basic economics, the NDP is simply out to lunch.

Dog on Santorum

Another doomed Repubican aspirant (a much more appropriate word than “hopeful” I think).

Speaking to a small group of supporters in Florida last week, Santorum said that throughout his political career he’s faced mighty obstacles and has soldiered on. To illustrate the point, he recounted the time he was campaigning for Congress in 1990 and had a rather unfortunate encounter with a lap dog…

“The next thing I know I have this warm sensation. And I immediately jump up and there on my tan pants, is a wet spot where you do not want a wet spot.”

Inspirational stuff.

Oh, and to save you the trouble of investigating what Maddow is slyly referring to in connection with Santorum’s problematic Google connection, it’s the definition that can be found here.


It’s hard to fathom the demented mind of a parent that would train a 4 year-old to parrot asinine gibberish in support of a political party.

Palin Supports Apple Pie!

Faux biker chick Sarah Palin and the First Dude at the “Rolling Thunder” event today. Good grief. What a circus.

As a prelude to her self-enrichment and publicity enhancement bus tour (the ostensible purpose being to “educate” the rubes of the eastern seaboard about American history) the squalid, money-grubbing Palin brood pandered to thousands of veterans that, inexplicably, parade around Washington every Memorial Day on loud, gaudy motorcycles in support of fellow soldiers they believe are still lost and unaccounted for in utterly pointless wars on the far side of the world.

Harper’s Remarks Following G8 Summit

Official PMO version: “At this meeting, leaders agreed that international coordination is essential to address remaining economic risks and maintain growth not only for Canada but also for our partner countries.”

Unofficial version: “Bonjour. Hello everyone. I’m Stephen Harper. None of you know who I am, but as you might have gathered from all the flags back here, I’m the leader of Canada. Today, I’m obligated to read a minute’s worth of complete bullshit that was written for me before ever coming to France, where I played no significant role of any kind, but pretended to be in high level discussions that will remain an oblique mystery to everyone and could just have easily been sorted out in a jiffy via a short teleconference.”

Suggestion: Feel free to substitute your own counterfactual version of Harper’s platitudinous blather in the comments.

Update: My bad. I forgot that you cannot embed videos from the PMO. Nor can you comment on them or rate them. It’s all part the vaunted “transparency” that The Harper Government® is all about.

Here’s another version complete with the follow-up press conference.

Amy Myers v. Michele Bachmann

A 16-year-old sophomore at Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey has challenged Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann to a debate.

In a letter sent to the congresswoman in April, she wrote: “I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics.”

Myers says she has nothing personal against Bachmann – she just thinks her ceaseless stream of gaffes and inaccurate statements are an embarrassment to all women with political ambitions.

“It took until the 19th amendment for women to be able to vote, and now it seems like the most famous women in politics are kind of jokes,” Myers said.

If Bachamnn declines or continues to ignore the request (which she has done so far) now would be a tremendous opportunity to see this plucky student to call out Sarah Palin for the same challenge given the failed veep, half-term governor of Alaska, and Faux News pundit is presently on a mission of “educate” the benighted folk between Washington, D.C. and New England about her own twisted interpretation of the historical roots at the foundation of America.

Update: Here’s another great kid who successfully took on the kooky creationists in Louisiana and has also challenged Michele Bachmann to back up some of her outright fabrications.

Sarah Palin’s “Look at Me!” Tour

This weekend launches Sarah Palin’s “One Nation Bus Tour” which is causing some to question her reasons for this bizarre excursion.

Palin’s PAC is withholding details about the stunt, save to say that the bus tour will start in Washington on Memorial Day (crashing the “Rolling Thunder” event, apparently) and then make its way through New England to “educate and energize Americans about our nation’s founding principles.”