Prop8 Crapola

Here’s an appealing advertisement running for the “Yes” side of Prop8 in California that invokes the teachings of Jesus Christ to condemn the supposed “intolerance” of those who reject the idea of outlawing SSM:

It’s a fairly convoluted argument that unsurprisingly involves some quite bizarre, rather circular logic to make its point which goes like this: If you condemn the “Yes” side for being intolerant bigots then in fact you yourself are being an intolerant bigot and are making Jesus weep.

And here’s a rather interesting line of reasoning:

For me, same-sex marriage is different than interracial marriage because one is uncontrollable, while one isn’t. Race truly cannot be changed or controlled. When you’re white, you’re white. When you’re black, you’re black. Sexual preference, however, while it may or not not [sic] be choice, it most definitely is controllable.

There you go. If only gay folks could “control” themselves! Sheeh! Get with the program already.

Aren’t you glad that we don’t have to go through all of this b.s. again?



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10 responses to “Prop8 Crapola

  1. Rob

    Aren’t you glad that we don’t have to go through all of this b.s. again?

    I wouldn’t be too sure… I’ll wager that if Harper ever get’s a majority, it’ll then come up on the radar.

  2. Skeptik_59

    Sadly, I have to agree with Rob. If Harper ever gets a majority [G_d forbid] I think he would revisit the issue. He has to pander to his base and he would never be forgiven, by that base, for ignoring an “important” social issue like SSM.

    What I’d like to see sometime is an explanation of just how Dave and Frank being married in St. John’s affects Bill and Mary’s marriage in Prince George. Just what about marriage has to be protected, and just how does SSM “threaten” marriage?

    That aspect of this debate has always mystified me…

  3. Maybe, but I suspect it’s something that doesn’t really interest him all that much. Moreover, the calculus would be that for every voter he wins with this issue, he loses 2-3 more.

  4. Skeptik — Don’t you think he learned his lesson from the gratuitous cuts to “culture” in the last election? Arguably, that’s what cost him his majority.

  5. MER1978

    If these religious idiots could come up with even ONE good reason why people would “choose” to be gay… then maybe their argument would hold a little water.

  6. It seems kind of silly when put that way, doesn’t it?

    I’ve always liked the rejoinder: “When exactly did you decide to be a heterosexual?”

  7. Harper couldn’t care less about gay marriage. Remember when the Harper government voted on whether or not to “reopen” the issue? It allowed him to a) appeal to the grassroots evangelicals etc. and b) position himself as a moderate who respects the will of parliament.

    Harper is a political nihilist–with the exception of Friedmanite economics. If he cared and didn’t view it as anything but a political tactic they would have just voted to ban gay marriage rather than reopen the issue. At least Preston Manning believed in most of the things he said–rendering him virtually harmless. Harper views everything strategically.

    I just attended a lunch-hour lecture by Flanagan (he rarely lectures at times that the actual public could attend, of course). He basically flat-out said the anti-gay marriage push by the Conservatives was an effort only to shore up the base and appeal to conservative ethnic votes. They don’t care. It’s a tactic and once that is discovered, the so-cons will probably just break off again.

  8. 8’s really got me worried. iot’s been gaining ground the last week. i can see it passing.

    “they know not what they do….”


  9. Parklife

    Ha.. I voted last week against this insanity. Prop 8 was down 15+ last week. Now the lead is down to 5. The vote “yes” signs are everywhere. I’m really not sure it will go down in flames.

    The best sign I’ve seen was a “Bigots 4 Prop 8”. Pretty much sums it up. In some ways I feel bad for these people. In the end, history will remember them. And not in a good way.

  10. park! long time. swing by the luvin sometime, we’ll catch up.


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