Franken v. Mendacious Douchebags

This is a pretty good example of why so many of us were elated when Al Franken finally managed to secure a place in the U.S. Senate.

p.s. Some people have criticized the frequent use of the word “douchebag” on this site, to which I’d refer them to this rather eloquent defense of the term.

Franken on Net Neutrality

Senator Al Franken (man, that still sounds a bit weird) speaking at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit at Georgetown University yesterday about the issue of net neutrality.

If you’ve never explored this controversial telecommunications issue before, listening to his speech (more of it here, here and here) is a pretty good place to start. (I’m sure others can provide more links in the comments to other resources about this subject if they’re inclined to do so…)

And to all those right-wingers who thought Franken was nothing but a ridiculous liberal “clown” — well, fuck you. Do you think that unctuous slimebag and Bush pole-stroker Norm Coleman would have stood up in Congress for your right to fair and open net access? No, I didn’t think so either.

h/t: Thanks to Mox News for another yeoman job capturing this!


Nice touch appointing Sen. Al Franken as President of the Senate for the confirmation of Judge Sotomayor to the SCOTUS. Heh.

Franken Grills Sotomayor…

About the RARE triumphs of Hamilton Burger, Esq.

Hmmm… Good one! A trick question perhaps? After all, it could have been “The Case of the Deadly Verdict”… But then again, the correct answer may well be “The Case of the Terrified Typist” or even possibly “The Case of the Witless Witness”… Great mystery abounds!

Thanks Al, for raising these more comical legal issues for us to ponder at length.


Let the fun begin…

Bill O won’t be the only one Franken drives totally f#@%ing crazy (or should I say, crazier).

Update: Speaking of which…

Conservative “Comedy”

Yes, I know… it’s an oxymoron.

We’ve had this discussion here many times before and have yet to figure out why right-wingers have such a tragically awful sense of humour.

Earth to Norm: “It’s Over!”

“But seriously… enough. Norm, ya lost. Seriously, quit.” And this coming from that remarkably silly place formerly known as Scarborough Country. When even a pathetic wanker like Joe tells you to give up the ghost, it really is over and done with. Or should be.

If Coleman appeals this to a higher level of judicial authority, it will be still more definitive proof that the Republicans have seriously lost touch with reality and are more concerned about waging their own desperate rearguard partisan battles for survival at all costs without any consideration for the interests of the voters they claim to represent.

Update: Al Franken responds to the decision…

Senator Franken

That might take some getting used to, especially for Republicans.

Maybe it’s appropriate that more than any other, this particular race offered some welcome comedy relief.

Some additional yuks regarding this issue can be found here.