More “Twits”

No, not those hopeless nitwits… It’s another hilarious installment of the WP’s series where they pillory the inane and/or ridiculous Tweets of celebrities and others through dramatic reenactments.

The soulless, self-serving missives of Barbara Walters (or more likely her publicist) are particularly funny.

26 Replies to “More “Twits””

  1. Sorry for being off topic Martin, but this is important;

    Liberal Party’s Quebec wing resignations so far include Ignatieffs former Quebec strong man, Denis Coderre, , the Party’s chief Québec organizer, Pierre Lajeunesse, the president of the candidate approval committee, Éric Simard, fund-raiser Jean Rizzuto and a cousin of Coderre, Jean-François Coderre.

    The Liberal ship is rudderless and taking on water fast.

    Where’s Captain Iggy? Thinking thoughts?

    I, I, I, I, me, me, me, me……

  2. Wow, Bob, I just finished writing my blog about today’s events in Canadian politics, but I didn’t know so many other key people up & left in a huff from the Liberal party. YIKES!! As my blog title says: one big unhappy disfunctional family….

  3. Bob — Like 99% of other Canadians I couldn’t really give a rat’s ass about the departure of Denis Coderre (who I’ve always regarded as an obnoxious buffoon) from his unofficial “position” as shadow bagman, or for that matter, the internal machinations of the LPC and the internecine struggles within their Quebec wing. If that sort of thing is of interest to you however, knock yourself out…

    This blog has never been much of a forum for the partisan short strokes or the “inside baseball” of backroom politics, most of which I generally find to be quite insufferably annoying. There are plenty of other places to go for that sort of thing however and I would suggest that you take your axe to one of them for grinding if that needs be.

  4. CK — FYI, the word is spelled “Dysfunctional” and not “Disfunctional” as you repeatedly have it in your post. Sorry to nitpick or be a “grammar Nazi” but when you can’t spell correctly, it undermines your credibility and disinclines anyone from investing the time needed to read whatever it is you might have to say…

    p.s. And furthermore, at the risk of coming across like Miss Manners here, the polite thing to do in this sort of instance is to first apologize for shamelessly pimping your own blog before actually doing so. 😉

  5. Maybe Boob and CK should get a room. They both seem incapable of reading and comprehending a blog post and both seem to be into public ego masturbation. Might be a good match.

    It could be me though, I only check in every few days because of school and Boob is saying the same thing. As for CK, well shameless self promotion without having anything to say is just ego masturbation. Someone should pass these two a box of kleenex.

  6. Anyway, humourless jerks aside, I thought it was great how they scored Barbara’s Walters’s shift from melancholy to exuberance with the record scratch.

    I can’t stand Walters anymore, mostly because of that toxic loon-fest, The View.

  7. I’ve been reading some Tweets from some of our politicians – some are quite the illiterate bunch. Jason Kenney is particularly stupid, no surprise there.

  8. Sandi — Given I’m kind of “on hiatus” (actually, just really busy with work and such at the moment) there was no actual “topic” to speak of; something that usual readers will know happens here from time to time for various reasons. But generally speaking, folks are always free to use my postings as an open thread if they like to for pretty much whatever reason, provided it’s not for nefarious purposes or overt douchebaggery, which is rather frowned upon.

  9. CWTF, gotta wonder how MinJK is going to change his twitter handle when he’s just JK. Maybe FlintstoneJK?

  10. R/T.. that’s why I enjoy your site – even though it’s hardly pro-conservative, it tends also to avoid being a mouthpiece for another other party..

    But the serious newsworld will be saved.. HNN now has a new “news” program coming up, another lovely “View” member, Joy Behar (entertainer/comedienne) will enlighten us with her massive store of knowledge on all matters political.

    It’s no wonder the public doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind.. with what we get fed as “news” everyday.

  11. Ti-Guy — It’s probably best for me not to offer up my unvarnished opinion of The View lest I be described as “deeply misogynistic” or some such thing. Usually I simply forget to watch it, which is a merciful benefit of Alzheimer’s I guess. In truth, I’ve pretty much sworn off daytime TV for the most part with the exception of re-runs of TDS/Colbert and once in a while Rick Sanchez at lunch time because he makes me laugh (although not always intentionally). Oh and Star Trek… I’ll watch one of those occasionally if it’s one I particularly like.

  12. CWTF — I’ve stumbled across some Tweets from various pols and haven’t been all that impressed. I suspect that Monte (Solberg, not Python) would be well adapted to it (rather than say posting match scores from Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, or whatever it was he got scolded for over at the BTs a while back).

    The medium is extremely limited. While I enjoy some aspects of it (e.g., the immediacy, convenience, concision, etc.), the inherent restrictions are frustrating… but also challenging. Then again, there’s the information overload factor (nobody can “follow” hundreds of other people — or should want to) mitigating against it. Well, I could rattle on about the relative merits of Twitter — which would be rather ironic — but I don’t have time at the moment (which is doubly so).

    However, to address your observation with respect to politicians using it, my initial feeling is to cut them some slack and not be too critically harsh about what they Tweet.

  13. Rob — I’m glad you enjoy coming here (even though you routinely get roughed up in the process by some regulars). No, I’ve never been a mouthpiece for any party, that’s for sure although my liberal/progressive skew in general is clearly not a secret.

    To the point of your comment, I heard (via CNN’s SOTU/”Reliable Sources”) that Joy Behar would be coming to HNN. I actually don’t mind her. She’s kind of a sassy straight-shooter and I’ve always found that appealing. But I don’t watch HNN, so it doesn’t matter to me. Maybe I’ll tune in if the opportunity presents itself, however it’s more likely that my wife will be watching a show where people decorate ridiculously exotic cakes, re-make their failing restaurants, or venture through a portal to other dimensions in space…

  14. t’s probably best for me not to offer up my unvarnished opinion of The View lest I be described as “deeply misogynistic” or some such thing.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. The emerging consensus from all the women I know is that the show demeans women more than it gives them a platform to discuss issues that are important to them. Women my mother’s age are particularly irritated by it; they remember when television offered stay-at-home women shows like Adrienne Clarkson’s Take Thirty, which didn’t assume women were a bunch of whining teenagers. I assumed earlier that that’s what Walters was attempting to correct the show started, but that hasn’t worked out.

    Usually I simply forget to watch it, which is a merciful benefit of Alzheimer’s I guess.

    Are you being serious? Do you have Alzheimer’s, Red?

  15. CWTF, gotta wonder how MinJK is going to change his twitter handle when he’s just JK. Maybe FlintstoneJK?
    I wrote about that also over at CC’s….

    I’m convinced he is illiterate and yet they gave him a ministerial position…

    cut them some slack and not be too critically harsh about what they Tweet.
    Except that JK thinks that the Liblogs is somehow the official Liberal aggregator, that the Liberal party supports all that is written there…

    Tweet about the function that you are going to, not your life philosophy…

  16. With Twitter, what I feared most has happened. A lot of people, politicians especially, are joining it because the *have* to, not because it responds to any real need. How else do you respond to a tweets…or rather twats…like that the one CWTF mentions above, without Twitter?

    And it really does demand a response…and censure, for that matter. A cabinet minister of the Canadian government singling out a private citizen’s remarks to imply they represent widespread views of his political adversaries is an abuse of power and a new low in Conservative politics.

    Imagine if all our parliamentarians did that? Christ, even the loony Republicans don’t sink that low.

  17. Ti-Guy — Are you being serious? Do you have Alzheimer’s, Red?

    No, I was being facetious. I just have problems sometimes remembering the bazillion things one is expected to recall with instant clarity at all times, at the drop of a hat. I suspect that, like Wolf Blitzer, I’d get totally punked on “Jeopardy!” even though I’m not entirely unversed about the 18th century mercantile economy of Holland and other such arcane subjects. Not to suggest that Mr. Blitzer is necessarily conversant with such things of course…

  18. CWTF — I’ll confess that part of the reason I suggested our pols be given some slack when it comes to their Tweets is precisely because it gives us some insight into their stream of consciousness and relatively unfiltered thinking. So by all means… Twitter away! If that provides us with some unusual glimpse about their state of mind or peculiar opinions that cuts through the painfully baroque spin one usually gets, then maybe it’s not such a bad thing.

  19. Ti-Guy — There is a very interesting dynamic at work when it comes to Twitter as far as the need to *have* it for whatever reason (presumably because it’s “cool” or whatever) and its actual utility.

    But then, like other social media, people are using it for different purposes. Some are strictly commercial in their intent, others are intimately personal and there’s everything in between.

    It’s difficult at times to differentiate between the various streams of input to recognize what the intent is.

  20. Which I might add is why the WP thing was so funny and incisive in highlighting this kind of naked mixed messaging that goes on in Twitter.

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