Matt Taibi on the Bank Bailouts

Excerpt from this morning’s Imus show featuring Matt Taibi discussing his latest article in Rolling Stone “Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle” which can be read here (it’s the cached version — RS’s site seems to be experiencing problems as of the time of this posting).

Good idea framing the banks’ schemes in terms of familiar con games.

The Airport Exercise

An hypnotic musical “sketch” by crafty guitarist Steve Ball that incorporates elements of ambient synth-pop abstracts from Robert Fripp and Tony Levin, amongst others.

The vocal track comes from the eccentric British philosopher J.G. Bennett. The ending where it’s said (not in his own voice, I don’t believe) that “it is possible to suffer without achieving the aim” seems to be a perverse twist on his more familiar axiom: “it is impossible to achieve the aim without suffering.”

Young Conservatives

Rising future “superstars” of the conservative movement strutting their stuff at the 2010 CPAC Convention.

Be afraid… be very afraid. We thought the worst of the worst had been realized in the wake of the “Reagan revolution” and the vulgar assortment of evangelical nutters that opportunistically surfed to political dominance over the last few decades, but the fanatical right-wing ideologues and cranky zealots now waiting in the wings and being teed-up for the next-gen leadership of this fascistic movement are even more frightening than their predecessors.

Augmented Reality Maps

Blaise Aguera y Arcas, the architect of Bing Maps at Microsoft, demonstrates the latest augmented-reality “Photosynth” enhanced mapping technology.

One can almost visualize the head of Alex Jones exploding…

Olympic Fundraising

Awkward moments backstage at the making of a Conservative fundraising video attempting to leverage the Olympic event for partisan political benefit, featuring the morbidly corpulent senatorial douchebag from PEI and former host of CTV’s Mike Duffy Live program and Nancy Greene, the former Olympian turned wealthy real estate developer and another Harper-appointed political hack in the Upper Chamber.