Maddow Interviews Obama

A good discussion about the economy, free markets, bi-partisan politics, government regulation, accountability, national security, and the war in Afghanistan, etc. from an interview in Sarasota, FL today.

On the other hand…there’s this:

“There have been many underestimated persons who’ve been elected to office and have really been then provided the opportunity to prove the pundints wrong.”


12 Replies to “Maddow Interviews Obama”

  1. Not the most light-hearted comment, but I’m sick to death of all this “family values” crap – err talk – both from below and above the 49th parallel, but especially from so cons such as ye haw Palin.

    It’s like single people, or those without children, just don’t exist.

    Not to mention the shear hypocrisy inherent in virtually every statement that is uttered.

    Go Obama!

  2. RC — I double/triple checked that on the video to make sure I wasn’t just mishearing it. And then I verified it via Google… Sure enough, she’s on record as having used this term in the past. Why no one bothers to correct her is a bit odd. Maybe it’s an Alaska thing.

  3. Robert — Yeah, well “family values” is pretty much a load of bollocks in any case. As Bryan Ferry said many years ago, “in every dreamhome a heartbreak”… I could go on, but I’m perhaps rather biased on the matter, especially at the moment.

    It’s not hard to understand the pitch to the “middle class” that invokes the home-spun corniness of “family values”… it’s all part of the collective hypocrisy and delusional mainstream fairy tale that we’re actively and quite relentlessly encouraged to subscribe to even if it’s not applicable to our particular situation.

    I think that’s part of what I found so irksome about McVety’s little rant that was referenced on a previous thread. “Normative”… that was the word he used repeatedly. It begs many questions as to what is “normal” or “average”… or for that matter “ordinary”… We hear these terms bandied around all the time, but they are rather curious, no?

    Maybe they’re meant to be attractive — appealing to the lowest common denominator and all that, but by the same token they’re also very exclusive to many people.

  4. Totally O/T, but Bill Kristol was just interviewed on TDS. Jon Stewart has a lot of patience for this clown. Although he was moderately less annoying than usual, he was still sporting that same smarmy shit-eating grin that drives me up the wall. He did, however, express hope that McCain would win – which bodes well for Obama’s chances.

  5. Bill is usually quite hilarious on TDS. I can’t stand his insufferable smugness and shit-eating grin either, but he always seems to be a lot more candid and just plain funny in that forum. And yes, given that he’s reliably wrong about everything, predictions of a McCain victory bode well for the forces of Reason.

  6. what is it with you, you hate women, what? I have never seen such tripe, you make so sense, threatened by a strong woman are we? Mr paste is at it again.

  7. Nonsense. I can provide you with a long list of “strong” women that I like very much… Where do you want me to start? Ann Richards, Betty Boothroyd…

    By the way, I’d just like to let it be known here that “whome” is the jerkoff posting as “Liberal4ever”

    Also the same individual who has been posting ignorant, ridiculous and offensive comments here as “who” and “me” and “ya” etc.

    More on this shortly.

  8. who?whome?me?

    ….the style of writing is a give-away.

    I’d be more impressed by a strong woman who has a brain, can speak the English language properly when representing her country and understands the complicated world we live in.

    …shooting a moose doesn’t quite cut it.

  9. Um, not to mention the irony of posting such an idiotic remark on a thread enjoying the work of Rachel Maddow. That guy is fantastically dumb.

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