Why the NDP Sucks…

Let me qualify that from the outset by adding the following: Here in B.C.

Take for example this interview by the intrepid Sean Holman of Public Eye Online with New Democrat MLA and veteran spinner (in a former life she was a PR shill for the United Nations in Kosovo) Claire Trevena (North Island) about the party’s 2009 election platform.

“Well, we’ve got a document which is party policy…”

Great opening! Trevena explains how a commitment to development of a “new economy” crucially focused on “sustainability” — a nebulous, ill-defined concept — that was unanimously passed by NDP delegates at their convention two years ago, was quite inexplicably derailed. At the time, the notion was that all of the party’s policies henceforward opposing the province’s neo-liberal establishment based on its “new way of looking at things” as Trevena describes it, would be filtered through this lens of “sustainability” as it boldly and courageously blazed a “new way forward” toward a “new economy.” But then… uh-oh! The party executive kind of forgot about all that gaseous piffle its delegates approved and didn’t even bother including any mention of it the last election campaign. Oops!

But no worries, comrades! The NDP has now gotten with the program and presently has a brand spanking new resolution in the works to create a committee that will study the previous resolution from two years ago and report back to the executive body of the party at sometime before next summer about how the executive might move in some direction to positively implement its previously forgotten/ignored commitment… perhaps in the form of a binding resolution to enable the progressive incorporation of some affirmative proposals that could eventually lead to the development of a really keen and shiny sounding policy paper that may quite possibly, some day or another, at a point in time and in a form as yet to be fully decided upon and determined by the executive after appropriate deliberation following an extensive process of consultation with everyone and their dog, constitute a vital aspect of the party’s next election platform.

Disunity at The Moonie Times

Former opinion page editor Richard Miniter talks with Howard Kurtz on CNN’s Reliable Sources about the current legal turmoil surrounding the recent spate of executive firings at the troubled Washington Times

I’ve always found it more than a little odd that the leading “conservative” paper of record in the United States has lost money for the past 27 years and survives only by virtue of the subsidies it receives from the Unification Church of “Reverend” Sun Myung Moon, a megalomaniacal Korean lunatic who, amongst other things, claims to be the Second Coming of Christ.

Keep the Faith!

Marg Delahunty attempts to confront another fictional celebrity… inane Facebook blogger, Katie Couric ambush victim, partial-term governor of Alaska, former Mayor of the illicit meth-crystal, hobo-crack capital of America, “Death Panel” conspiracy theorist, congenital liar and aspiring talk-show host Sarah Palin, in an attempt to get just “a few words of encouragement for the Canadian conservatives who have worked so tirelessly to destroy the socialized medicare that we have…” before being bullied out of a book-signing in Cleveland, OH by a bunch of lifeless zombie thugs.

h/t: Surprisingly enough, to our sometime nemesis Patrick Ross.

Harper Abroad

“Watch the stairs… Focus, dammit! Don’t trip, don’t trip; for God sake… don’t stumble and take a header…”

Another absolutely captivating moment featuring The Dear Leader looking painfully awkward and strangely robotic as he deplanes from a chartered Servisair flight on his way to the ridiculous CHOGM 2009 extravaganza in Port of Spain.

Apocalypse? No

In light of the recent furor surrounding the e-mails extracted by a hacker from the climactic research unit at the University of East Anglia, now might be a good time to take another look at the excellent presentation made by Lord Christopher Monckton to the Cambridge Union last year challenging the “settled science” of global warming.

More germane to the current “Climategate” scandal and the upcoming Copenhagen summit, Monckton appeared on the Alex Jones program (yes, yes… I know — he’s more than a little deranged) to discuss implications of the revelations and the draft treaty being proposed.

The additional four parts can be viewed here, here, here and here.

Massacre au Mouton

Some of the funniest (and explicitly gory) scenes from the film Black Sheep, a quirky 2006 production from New Zealand that was on TV last night.

Maybe you have to have grown up around menacing herds of sheep to appreciate the humour…

Surprise! Wars Are Expensive…

Of course I agree with Gil here, but if anything, he’s actually understating the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan by a significant measure in failing to account for the hidden, long-term liability costs of the present conflicts that could tally more than $3 trillion — that of course is in addition to the combined initial outlay of $1 trillion, which is, of course, supplemental to the projected $5 trillion in “defense” expenditures over the next ten years.

But hey, Americans don’t want any of that nasty, intrusive and wasteful “big government” mucking up their individual “freedom” and “liberty” with crazy, unaffordable schemes like socialized medicine, right?

“Guernica” in 3D

I don’t know exactly how the artist managed to achieve this effect but the result is simply amazing. Excuse the pun, but it gives a brilliant new dimension to Picasso’s famous mural.

How might other paintings be similarly rendered, I wonder…

Le Plan… Le Plan!

Points saillants du discours prononcé sur l’environnement, les changements climatiques et les emplois reliés à l’énergie propre à l’Université Laval.


Does this inane blather resonate with anyone? Don’t get me wrong… the generalities are possibly all well and good, but there’s a real lack of substance here. What specific proposals are the Liberals pitching and would it be too much to ask that the lofty rhetoric be backed up with facts and figures? Also, hard not to be reminded of this.