Scare Tactics of the Religious Right

Is it any wonder that there’s so much ridiculous hate polluting the web in these final days leading up to next week’s election?

And the reason for their panic?

Update: Another wonderful TPM “Day in 100 Seconds” montage…

Update2: A “risky” prediction? More like a “stupid” one, I’d say.



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11 responses to “Scare Tactics of the Religious Right

  1. “And the reason for their panic?”

    halloween prank? i oughta put shaving cream on your blog….


  2. Hey, some people like crunching numbers.

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  4. pamela rayner

    Or “crunchy numbers”…I couldn’t resist!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Skeptik_59

    Some people are so loathsome that they really do give religion a bad name – not that it needs any help in that department of course… but wow.

    The mind reels at the thought that we have gotten to the state where people can actually suggest that the Apocalypse will arrive *IF* you vote for the wrong person.

    Funny how things that you thought went out in the 14th century can be alive and well in the 21st! 😉

  6. “Hey, some people like crunching numbers.”

    like liblogs? i just took a look at the aggregator…. lol! put up a few of these a day and jason might get the message.


  7. not as detailed as yours, but has been a pretty good resource the last few of elections. the format seems to change with each cycle, but his methodolgy has been consistent, and accurate.


  8. “last few of”?! urgh.


  9. Skeptik — It doesn’t bear much resemblance to the benign sort of religion that you and I grew up with, does it? Even though you were Catholic and I was Anglican… it was all sort of a delightful irrelevance.

  10. KEv — I kind of like the fact that when you scroll over Georgia is says: BARELY REPUBLICAN.

  11. Great Blog Keep Up The Good Work ..Cheers 🙂

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