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Débate des Chefs

Gee, who do you think won? Gilles Duceppe! Next question…

It must be wonderful coming at matters from his vantage, but even so, he made the most incise critique on various issues (as always). It’s perverse, I know.

Update: The buried lede in this piece by David Akin and Andrew Mayeda is that Dion handily “won” the debate according to an Ipsos Reid poll for Canwest News Service and Global National late Wednesday night. “Forty per cent of respondents who watched the debate said Dion won, compared with 24 per cent for Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe, 16 per cent for Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, 11 per cent for NDP Leader Jack Layton, and one per cent for Green Leader Elizabeth May.”



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Shock and Yawn

Before attending to the outcome of the French debate, I first want to dispense with a somewhat irksome annoyance that might otherwise go unnoticed — that being the hapless mendacity of the “Team BC” wing of the Liberal Party. Here’s an advertisement being rolled out on their insta-website:

Yes, it’s another yawning rehash of the tiresome, painfully unimaginative “Stephen Harper = George Bush” meme that you could quite easily have whipped up with hardly a second thought (or possibly in your sleep) two years ago. But never mind that. What’s mildly interesting — to me anyway — is the layout of the presentation. After scanning if for a few seconds you might notice something a bit interesting (or not):

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In effect, “Team BC” has made those of us who rightfully mocked and ridiculed Halton wannabe MP Lisa Raitt for being aloof, uncommunicative, a party tool, etc. into being “useful idiots” and completely lame, seemingly hypocritical jackasses. Thanks Liberal Party! Go Team!


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Follow the Money

Who could possibly have foreseen the current meltdown in the U.S. economy? After all, wasn’t it just weeks ago that John McCain was telling everyone that the fundamentals were strong (echoing president George Bush, who just a few months ago was saying that the economy was “vibrant” and the financial system “strong”). Well, lot’s of people as it turns out. Crackpots, loons… harebrained conspiracy theorists! Um, like this guy:

Meet Max Keiser, a former stock broker, a financial analyst, blogger for the Huffington Post, inventor of the HSX virtual trading system, radio host on London’s Resonance FM and a journalist for Al Jazeera English. In addition to all of that he also has a Drudge-like website called “Follow the Money” that’s chocked full of super-scary shit… Where, for example, we learn from the Daily Mail that today Gordon Brown is floating a “sketchy plan” of his own estimated at £1.9 trillion to bail out U.K. banks and that Ireland has likewise issued a state guarantee worth €400bn to bail out its banks.

But never mind… do keep focusing on Julie Couillard’s tits or some “plagiarized” speech Harper made six years ago, or whether some irrelevant Christian whackaloon committed a hate crime by telling high school students gays should be executed. Because, you know… it’s important to… Oh, never mind. Look, something shiny!


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