999 = 666?

Like a stopped clock, it turns out that Michele Bachmann may well have been correct when she awkwardly quipped in the most recent Republican debate that “the devil is in the details” regarding Herman Cain’s ludicrous “9-9-9” plan for overhauling America’s tax system.

Hilarious details are now coming to light about the origins of Cain’s brutally regressive plan, such as it being authored by an “economist” but who is, in fact, an investment advisor at a branch of the Wells Fargo bank in a Cleveland suburb and may have drawn his inspiration for the crackpot scheme from the default settings of the computer game SimCity4.

Watching the absurd debate over the American tax system brings a new appreciation for the eminent sensibility of the hybrid system employed in Canada of progressive income taxes and a flow- through value-added consumption tax incorporating reasonable exemptions to curb its most egregiously regressive impacts (e.g., rebates for low income plus zero-rating for basic groceries, rent, etc.)

Michele Bachmann: Bad Lip-reading

The crazy-eyed congresswoman from Minnesota tries to stay focused while outlining her campaign “strategy”…

If you haven’t seen it already, be sure to check out the Rick “save a pretzel for the gas jets” Perry one at the end. Hilarious.

I’d love to see some Canadian versions of these BLR videos. Come on tech-savvy political junkies – get on the case!

God’s Stimulus?

Contrary to Michele Bachmman’s belief that last week’s “Hurriquake” was a sign from God to curb federal government spending, it would seem that tens of billions of dollars will now be required to fix the widespread damage to infrastructure along the eastern seaboard caused by storm surges and flooding.

Who knows, perhaps this is the Almighty’s way of signalling that a job-creating stimulus program is required, as opposed to counterproductive “austerity” measures…

Bachmann Voted “Most Crazy” in Straw Poll

Unsurprisingly, God-bothering lunatic Michele Bachmann emerged triumphant in today’s Ames, Iowa straw poll winning 28.6 percent of the nearly 17,000 votes cast, narrowly edging out libertarian Ron Paul by 152 votes. Former Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty finished a distant third in the mock election with just 14 percent of the crazy vote.

As for the rear of the pack, Rick Santorum pulled in 10% of people that enjoyed his gooey homemade jam and didn’t bother to Google his name. Former Federal Reserve appointee, fast food executive and sometime gospel singer Herman Cain got 9%, and Mitt “Corporations are people too!” Romney, the presumed front-runner for the GOP nomination, garnered just 567 votes or a measly 3% of support from the corn-fed nutters. Other dismal losers in this ridculous carnival included Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and the eccentric Thaddeus McCotter.

No telling at the moment how many of the 718 write-ins for Rick Perry were actually spelled with an “A” – for America.

Amy Myers v. Michele Bachmann

A 16-year-old sophomore at Cherry Hill High School East in New Jersey has challenged Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann to a debate.

In a letter sent to the congresswoman in April, she wrote: “I, Amy Myers, do hereby challenge Representative Michele Bachmann to a Public Forum Debate and/or Fact Test on The Constitution of the United States, United States History and United States Civics.”

Myers says she has nothing personal against Bachmann – she just thinks her ceaseless stream of gaffes and inaccurate statements are an embarrassment to all women with political ambitions.

“It took until the 19th amendment for women to be able to vote, and now it seems like the most famous women in politics are kind of jokes,” Myers said.

If Bachamnn declines or continues to ignore the request (which she has done so far) now would be a tremendous opportunity to see this plucky student to call out Sarah Palin for the same challenge given the failed veep, half-term governor of Alaska, and Faux News pundit is presently on a mission of “educate” the benighted folk between Washington, D.C. and New England about her own twisted interpretation of the historical roots at the foundation of America.

Update: Here’s another great kid who successfully took on the kooky creationists in Louisiana and has also challenged Michele Bachmann to back up some of her outright fabrications.

Torch of Ignorance

Over the weekend, Tea-Party darling, “constitutional scholar” and potential Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann once again demonstrated her staggering ignorance of American history – in this case, memorable facts well known even to elementary school students in other countries!

On his program tonight, Lawrence O’Donnell puzzled to no avail over the possible cause of Bachmann’s “gaffe” (that was made not once, but incredibly, twice, in speeches to supporters in New Hampshire – not to mention that in the same diatribes, she also seemed to erroneously think that Plymouth Rock was located in the Granite State).

In desperation, he finally asked viewers to supply him with potential explanations to several vexing questions concerning the ignorance of Bachmann, her staff and the majority of nitwits in her Congressional district that voted her into office. Again!

SOTU: Crazy Eyes Edition!

If there’s one good thing that can be said about Rep. Michele Bachmann’s response to President Obama’s State of the Union speech last night, it’s that it was… umm… Err… Well, it… Oh, bugger.

Here – you watch and meanwhile, I’ll go think of something.

Got it! It was under seven minutes! Phew.

And it had charts.

Wackaloons Against Healthcare

In case you weren’t aware, earlier this week the Family Research Council held a “PrayerCast” from Washington, D.C., calling on “the living God” to intervene in the Senate so they might “frustrate the plans of the Evil One.” Featured speakers included Republicans Sam Brownback, Jim DeMint, Randy Forbes and Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann.

According to the FRC, listeners heard “the latest on the threats to the God-given right to human life through government funding of abortions, our health from rationing, our family finances from higher taxes, and our general freedom posed by the government plan to take over health care.”

The Lies of “Captain Crazy”

Are wingnuts simply incapable of telling the truth? Glad to see Rachel Maddow call out Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann and her good pals at Fox News for outrageously inflating the number of angry white teabaggers at her “house call” yesterday and for making demonstrably false statements about people not being bussed in to the event by astroturf outfits such as the laughably named “FreedomWorks” and “Americans for Prosperity”…

Update: Speaking of flagrant right-wing lies, World Nut Daily wasted no time in cooking up a pack of them in connection with the Fort Hood shooting.

It’s hard to believe the WND site has over 8 million visitors a month…

High Noon on Capitol Hill

Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann and the advocacy group Americans for Prosperity have called on “freedom loving” protesters to “scare” members of Congress into killing the proposed health care reform bill.

“I think that will absolutely scare these members of Congress so much that Pelosi will not get the votes and it will kill the bill. I think it could be dead for 10 years. Why won’t we? Why won’t we go for broke?”

So this is it… the final showdown at high noon.

“Don’t bring your pitchforks,” Bachmann said, “bring your video cameras.”

Should be interesting.

Update: “A bunch of angry white people are yelling at members of Congress right now — both for and against healthcare reform. It’s a good thing the Capitol complex has tunnels underneath it so members can avoid these filthy common people.” Heh.

Bachmann Teabag Overdrive: