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Keating Five

You knew it was going to raise its ugly head at some time…

“I am very sorry to see what’s happened to John… I don’t think his campaign is being well run. It’s been over-managed. He blew through $8.5 million. It’s a difficult thing to leave a friend and go to another friend. But we lost the John McCain I knew.” That was John Dowd throwing his former client during the Keating scandal under the bus for Fred Thompson just a few short months ago.

Update: And then there’s this side of the story.



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Sign of the Times

Yes, some days the titles just write themselves.

In case you’re interested, our national debt is approximately $0.6 trillion (or $480 billion or something in between that range, depending on which numbers you consult). That’s about 32% of GDP.


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Thoughts About Religulous

Some delightful musings on Bill Maher’s illustrative new film about religion from Professor “MTH” — a “relentlessly skeptical” and “persistently challenging” commentator (much like he describes Maher himself), whose pricelessly acerbic delivery is matched only by the incisiveness of his comic wit and intelligence.

I love his rating scale: 3 and a half out of a possible five Sarah Palin debate winks.


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As Russia Goes…

So goes Canada

Very grim reading. The significance of the Russian markets collapsing today and the implication for our own economy may be lost on some, but it really shouldn’t be. “What this means is the business chain is beginning to grind to a halt,” so says Chris Weafer of Uralsib investment bank (for whatever that’s worth). Given the fact that Canada is so heavily invested in commodity exports it’s fairly remarkable that Stephen Harper can claim “We are also watching to make sure that any actions that are taken [elsewhere] don’t have any rebound effects on us, so we are putting some secondary plans in place if that becomes necessary,” while pointlessly fiddling with the tax treatment of the Universal Childcare Benefit. Amazing.

Update: Not to worry. The Whiz-kids at The “Blogging Tories” have it all figured out. A Conservative “platform” is on the way! Yippee!


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A Message from H. Cuthbert Zweibel


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Small Change

And the point of this election was… what? Something about an allegedly “dysfunctional” parliament, wasn’t it?

Shouldn’t Stephen Harper be viciously punished at the ballot box for breaking his own “fixed” legislation and calling a completely POINTLESS election trying to win his long-coveted majority (unlikely to materialize) while attempting to beat out the leading edge of a major recession?

Update: What he said. Dishonest, irresponsible, and unfit to govern.


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