Survey Says…?

A recent bullshit survey by Nanos Research asked a thousand or so random people online to describe the “personality” of the five federal parties using a single word.

Just for fun, let’s pretend this ridiculous poll is meaningful in some way and compare the primary responses given, shall we?

Conservatives were described most frequently as “untrustworthy”; Liberals were most often considered “bad/incompetent”; and the NDP were viewed as… wait for it, “socialist.” Oh, and for the record, the Greens were described as being “green” (shock!) and the Bloc as “useless.”

At the second tier, the Conservatives were described as “conservative” (duh); the Liberals as “untrustworthy”; and the NDP as “caring.” Following that, Conservatives were “bad/incompetent”; Liberals “Good”; and the NDP “bad/incompetent.” And on it goes with increasingly smaller percentages of idiotic respondents ascribing all manner of contradictory descriptions to the various parties. By the way, “bad/incompetent” was the artful term applied by Nanos to those responding with undefined expletives such as (one imagines) “fucktards,” “twats” etc.

So, what are we to make of this “survey”? Personally, I’d suggest absolutely nothing at all other than the utterly unsurprising fact that a predominant number of people think all of the parties are complete rubbish for the most part. Curiously however, Liberal activist, lawyer and ursine fetishist James Morton derives this brilliant conclusion from the poll: “We have to figure out how to be seen as trustworthy and competent again. I say review the shift to ‘New Labour’ in the UK — Tony Blair made Labour seem to be something it hadn’t been before.”

Well, perhaps… although I’m not certain what specific lessons Blair’s “third way” re-boot of the Labour Party has to offer the Liberals at this juncture.

9 Replies to “Survey Says…?”

  1. We are caught in a bad rut in the Western Democracies …

    The Parties are all in the pockets of various interests – mostly Corporate but also Unions and/or Special Interests, so the people are turned-off mass politics, which ensures that the parties remain in the pockets of various interests – mostly Corporate, but also Unions and/or Special Interests.

    Given that the old check on these type of Corporate Interests used to be Nationalism, we are in deep trouble – as Nationalism has either been discredited or is seen as irrelevant to the lives of most people, who only care about the next Discount Sale at their local retail shop. There was a time – as most recently as 1957, 1965 and 1971 when Nationalism could and did act as a check on Corporate Domination & Control. Canadian Nationalism – as a counterpoise & counterbalance of the utter and complete domination of Corporate Money and Control has been dormant since at least the 1970’s. It is now believed to have died sometime in the 1980’s ….

  2. It seems that “Nationalism” has become something of a dirty word in politics these days. Apparently, we’re meant to be supra-national (i.e., globalized) in the modern economy.

  3. …what specific lessons [does] Blair’s “third way” re-boot of the Labour Party [have] to offer the Liberals at this juncture [?]

    Gosh. I would have ventured “How to destroy your party’s credibility/electability for a generation” if the Libs hadn’t learned that one on their own.

  4. Interesting read of late.. “The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion” by John Haidt.

    Suggests that our emotions, or rather, our intuition (shaped by environment) essentially controls most of what we otherwise consider our “rational mind”. In other words, we make what WE think are rational decisions about our political views, but really, they are primarily intuitive or emotional choices, which are only later “bootstrapped” by rationalization.

    The point he makes is because of this, it’s very difficult to move people’s opinions about ideas from “the other team”, and more so in the increasingly strident criticism of those who we don’t disagree with.

    In other words.. if I’m not buying into the climate change issue, calling me a “denier” or a “flat earther” only entrenches my tribal instinct to rally around others who think my way… long story short, if a Liberal wanted to convice me to return to the fold, I think they would start by understanding why I left in the first place.

    But our politics, of late, doesn’t really work that we. We seem to think it’s more important to create wedge issues and to rally “our supporters” that to speak to those who aren’t.

  5. Oops…
    …our politics, of late, doesn’t really work that “way”.

    Must be the Friday before a long weekend… oh, and in keeping with Haidt’s notion, best of the long weekend to all NDP and Liberal supporters who, though I disagree with (for now), I sense want the best for our citizens just like I do.. just from a different perspective.

  6. I’m not dead, though I appeared to be for quite some time. Nanos could at least have included “Asshats” without offending all that many folks. Anyway, are you still tending this space, RT?

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