Colbert v. Citizens United

More fun with SuperPacs from the team of Stephen Colbert and his friend/business partner Jon Stewart (with whom he’s definitely not co-ordinating!).

Because he’s not on the ballot in South Carolina and that state’s GOP doesn’t allow write-ins, the latest TV ad from the Americans for a Better America Tomorrow, Tomorrow SuperPac, Republican primary voters are encouraged to express their support for Stephen Colbert by casting a stealth vote for ex-candidate Herman Cain (who dropped out of the race several weeks ago, but remains on the ballot).

It’s great fun watching Colbert slip a turd into the box lunch of the Republican primary contest. Obviously he won’t “win” the SC primary, but I’m pretty sure he’s got another Peabody Award in the bag.

Jon Stewart in the “No Spin Zone”

The Daily Show host appeared last night with Bill O’Reilly in the first part of a “Factor Exclusive.”

Given all of O’Reilly’s patronizing jabs about the audience of TDS being “stoned liberal slackers” and his now oft-repeated claim that Fox is the “most trusted” news source, it’s too bad Stewart didn’t mention the Pew Research study from a while back indicating that TDS viewers were much better informed about politics and current affairs than those of Fox News.

Update: The concluding part of the interview (unfortunately prefaced by O’Reilly’s condescending “Talking Points Memo” segment wherein he tells “the folks” what to think).

Hannity Busted by Jon Stewart

What a sad comment that a fake news show had to be the one to blow the whistle on another fake news program — that being Fox News’ Hannity, exposing its fraudulent manipulation of images in order to massively inflate the number of teabagging protesters attending Michele Bachman’s recent “house call” on Congress.

Hannity… what a complete douchebag. I wonder if he’ll apologize to his viewers for manipulating them? I wouldn’t hold my breath for that.

Update: Well, surprise, surprise… Hannity apologized tonight for his “inadvertent mistake.”

Jon Stewart vs. Betsy McCaughey

In case you missed this last week, this extended interview was a classic take-down by Stewart as he just demolished McCaughey’s insane talking points about healthcare reform. The clip here is just a brief excerpt edited for the Rachel Maddow Show but you really should check out the complete interview (much of which didn’t air on the TV show) at either Comedy Central or the Comedy Network for the full effect.

If you’re unfamiliar with McCaughey, James Fallows at The Atlantic sums her up this way:

Elizabeth “Betsy” McCaughey also needs no introduction to Atlantic readers. She has brought more misinformation, more often, more destructively into America’s consideration of health-policy issues than any other individual. She has no concept of “truth” or “accuracy” in the normal senses of those terms, as demonstrated last week when she went on The Daily Show. Virtually every statement she has made about health-reform proposals, from the Clinton era until now, has been proven to be false. It doesn’t slow her down.

Which rather begs the question as to why she receives so much attention from the media…

Coincidentally, in the wake of the TDS interview, which resulted in widespread ridicule of McCaughey’s claims, she immediately resigned from her position on the Cantel Medical board of directors.

Fox News: The New “Liberal MSM”

On The Daily Show yesterday, Stewart demonstrated how “conservative” rhetoric on Fox has flipped since the election of President Obama. As Gawker put it:

Stewart and his staff dug deep into the archives to find some great footage of various Fox News personalities vehemently condemning the very behaviors that they’re now so enthusiastically championing, like criticizing the president during a time of war and taking to the streets in protests. These are the types of things that liberals do! So Fox News = the new liberals!

The quality of these videos isn’t very good, but you can always go to the Comedy Network site for a better version (or if these are removed for copyright violation).

The hypocrisy is astounding, but oh so predictable.