Jon Stewart: “That, of course, is the late socialist leader John McCain. I believe he passed away during the Republican primaries. He will be missed.”

I hope the Obama campaign uses this in an ad. Now that would be funny.

Jihadists for McCain

By now, you’ve probably heard about the Associated Press report on al-Qaeda’s thinking with regards to the upcoming election:

The message, posted Monday on the password-protected al-Hesbah Web site, said if al-Qaida wants to exhaust the United States militarily and economically, “impetuous” Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain is the better choice because he is more likely to continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“This requires presence of an impetuous American leader such as McCain, who pledged to continue the war till the last American soldier,” the message said. “Then, al-Qaida will have to support McCain in the coming elections so that he continues the failing march of his predecessor, Bush.”

It’s doubtful anyone will really put much stock in this nonsense — they’re most likely just the depraved fantasies of religious fanatics and/or homicidal maniacs, after all — but Steve Benen makes a good point: “if this same site had expressed support for Obama, I suspect we’d hear about little else for the next two weeks.” Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Hey, Big Spender

Sarah Palin may not know what the Vice-President does, but gosh darn it, the Republicans have been breaking the bank making her look absolutely fabulous trying to become one!

A $75,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus? I’m sure that “Joe the Plumber” can relate to that, huh? And $4,716.49 on hair and makeup in the month of September! Didn’t the wingnuts blow a gasket about John Edwards’ $400 haircut? What a laughable bunch of hypocrites.