Pentagon North

I don’t especially like that inherently “anti-American” spin, but this dovetails with something I’ve been alluding to here recently. We don’t really know what’s going on with this election and it seems like a lot of things — oh, like say the half TRILLION dollar defence budget the “Conservatives” quite discretely introduced in the middle of the night one day several months ago have escaped the proper scrutiny they deserve.

Harper’s Mom!

Hey, it could be! Or perhaps he’s just discovered some old woman who mysteriously appeared on the tarmac of an airport and has suddenly decided to clutch onto her for dear life. Strange things happen in elections…

My Friends…

Here’s another inviting pic from the Stephen Harper government’s “realistic” platform, almost half of which consists of pictures of Stephen Harper and the remainder of which is “business as usual” policies on international trade, a bit of this and that, and some lame backtracking on nasty partisan positions aimed at targeting specific cultural groups.

CTV’s Newsnet (the dreaded “liberal media” in case you forgot) gave us the glory of Harper speaking to a crowd of “enthusiastic supporters” this afternoon in Hamilton. “Harper! Harper! Harper!” they chanted on cue. Exactly why they exerted themselves in this way is a complete mystery.

The Belated Harper Platform

Write Your Own Caption(s)

There’s forty-plus pages of lovely “stuff” in Stephen Harper’s oddly belated platform, but what captivated me, aside from money to increase our nation’s “slaughterhouse capacity” and the promise to “Make it easier to investigate and prosecute bid-rigging and hard-core cartel behaviour such as price fixing” etc., was all of the gorgeous pictures, many of which invite the reader to insert their own caption(s).

Stephen Harper is Not a Leader!

Quite frankly, I don’t care what’s in Stephen Harper’s “platform”… A cut in tariffs to manufacturers that’s been in the works for ages. Some more corporate welfare for the automotive and aerospace industry… “Open Federalism”… Hello, what the hell is that all about? $50 million to increase “slaughterhouse capacity across the country”… A threat to abolish the Senate if he can’t turn it into an elected “dysfunctional” circus… and so on.

It’s entirely unconscionable to release a “platform” like this AFTER the leaders’ debate and one week before an election. If you have the time and inclination, it can be viewed here.

Oh, NOW You Tell Us…

How nice that a couple of hundred economists have weighed in to tell that pricing carbon is a sensible thing to do. Gee, that might have been good to have heard back in the summer when the Conservative government launched their “Tax on Everything” advertising campaign and almost every pundit in the land was dismissively slagging the Liberals’ “Green Shift” proposal, don’t you think?

Tip of the Iceberg

This can’t be good.

Iceland’s prime minister Geir Haarde warned yesterday that the island faced the “real possibility” of “national bankruptcy,” as its economy could be sucked into the “global banking swell.”

Hell or High Water

Could Daniel LeBlanc and Bill Curry at The Globe & Mail be alone amongst living humans not to realize that the “revelations” in Paul Martin’s “scathing autobiography” released yesterday aren’t completely obvious?

Martin “was hobbled when he became prime minister in late 2003 because he had to deal with Auditor-General Sheila Fraser’s damaging report on the sponsorship scandal.” Imagine! “Martin added that he still cannot understand why Mr. Chrétien decided to prohibit donations of more than $5,000 to political parties.” Imagine! Giuliano Zaccardelli’s announcement of a criminal probe into the matter of income trusts at a critical moment in the last election might have been deliberately malicious. Omigod! Who would ever have thunk it?

It’s all groaningly obvious, totally daft and completely irrelevant.