O’Reilly on Sun News

Charles Adler slobbers over Fox News star Bill O’Reilly in hopes of casting some reflected attention on his obscure Sun TV program.

I wonder if O’Reilly’s latest book will suffer the same fate as his last tome when copies of it were donated to a forward base of the U.S. military in Afghanistan?

Rewriting Socialism

“We have the first time in the history of the profoundly stupid American debate between those who do not fear socialism and those who do, something of an agreement as to what socialism is and isn’t.”

Why Americans can’t accept that the plain fact that they have a mixed economy has always escaped me.

Jon Stewart in the “No Spin Zone”

The Daily Show host appeared last night with Bill O’Reilly in the first part of a “Factor Exclusive.”

Given all of O’Reilly’s patronizing jabs about the audience of TDS being “stoned liberal slackers” and his now oft-repeated claim that Fox is the “most trusted” news source, it’s too bad Stewart didn’t mention the Pew Research study from a while back indicating that TDS viewers were much better informed about politics and current affairs than those of Fox News.

Update: The concluding part of the interview (unfortunately prefaced by O’Reilly’s condescending “Talking Points Memo” segment wherein he tells “the folks” what to think).

Young Republican

And there I thought Bill O’Reilly just appealed to the demographic Keith Olbermann once described as “65 to dead.”

Freedom of Speech “Threatening”

At least according to Bill O’Reilly, who felt the “demented pinhead” that heckled former president George H.W. Bush recently in a Houston pizzeria should have been arrested by the Secret Service and “held accountable.” For what exactly, isn’t quite clear. “Can’t let that stuff go,” said Bill O, shaking his head in disgust.

At a stretch, I suppose some of the heckler’s comments could have been construed as possibly slanderous in nature (e.g., calling him a “murderous, Zionist, piece of shit” and blaming him for the death of millions), but otherwise there doesn’t seem to be anything remotely illegal in what the man did by publicly rebuking the former president.

Update: And speaking of post-presidential Bush indignities…

Mystery Solved!

Trust Bill O’Reilly to conclude that the reason the “far left” can’t abide Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin is… because they’re “good looking women… attractive, young — relatively young — women.”

Brilliant analysis! I mean it couldn’t possibly be because they’re both completely insane nutjobs, ignorant kooks, and Jesus freaks.

“A Plus for the Folks”

Be amazed. Now that it’s all but dead, Fox News windbag Bill O’Reilly apparently supports a “public option”…

By the way, is there some unwritten mandate necessitating that every female spokesbot for the Heritage Foundation be a shrill, screeching harridan? Furthermore, shouldn’t there be some kind of “full disclosure” clause pertaining to the media whereby, for example, it’s revealed that Ms. Owcharenko was the former legislative director for Rep. Jim DeMint and Rep. Sue Myrick, before which she worked for Sen. Jesse Helms?

O’Reilly Channels Jesus

I sort of wonder why Bill O even had the good sister on his program seeing as he barely let her get a word in edge-wise, instead spending most of the “interview” reiterating paranoid misinformation about healthcare reform and imagining what Jesus would say if he was on The Factor