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The lovable Georgia Straight newspaper offers up its take on the federal election with unsurprising recommendations for Vancouver ridings. Hey, what are we… chopped liver over here on the island?

h/t:Thanks to “Alberta Report” in the comments.



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Zeitgeist: Addendum

Released at the beginning of this month at the Annual Artivist’s Film Festival in LA, this film by Peter Joseph speaks much truth to power, may undermine some of your casual assumptions about the economy and hits home (ha ha) on many levels. Here’s the trailer for it.

And the full film if you can endure it.

Very deep, disturbing and rather illuminating. It makes all of the petty election nattering and sniping about absolute bullshit as the asset bubble bursts and the financial system melts down seem wholly irrelevant. It’s not of course, but perhaps it should be. Wikipedia has a piece on it here that’s being considered for deletion for some odd reason.


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Elections Canada Parody: Did’JA kno?

A sketch from Cynically Tested’s Election Special The What Is airing on ichannel.

Reading IS hard, but if you choose to, Impolitical has consistently been the best place to go throughout this moronic election (based on my limited viewing of it). Absolutely yeoman (yeoperson?) work!


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A Questionable Question

I haven’t been riveted to election coverage over the last few days — I just can’t take it, especially in the current climate of economic “shock and awe” in addition to everything on a personal level being in total disarray… It just all strikes me as infinitely stupid, profoundly insulting, anxiety producing, deeply annoying, intellectually bankrupt, and generally crazy-making. It was thoroughly saddening therefore to take a brief peek at what’s going on and encountered this:

I’m sure it’s well-worn ground already for most bloggers and doubtless many of the legion of faithful Connie-bots, drones, trolls and other miscreants that inhabit Stephen Taylor’s Little Shop of Horrors are all dutifully bugling it up with relish (I can’t even bring myself to confirm that, but it’s a fairly safe assumption). Even so, I felt compelled to throw my two cents in.

I gather this is supposed to make Mr. Dion look bad. Is that the idea? Really? I sort of get that impression from this article in the Globe & Mail and having seen the way it aired on The National on Thursday night as being some terrible, problematic gaffe.

Look, never mind all that silly rubbish about Dion’s supposed “hearing problem” and the moaning grievances arising out of that, i.e., that Tories are “shamelessly trying to embarrass” Dion, etc. Complete nonsense. I’m sure Dion heard the question quite perfectly well. The simple fact of the matter is that it was a poorly constructed question. I guess we can sort of guess what this anchorman from CTV in Halifax was feebly attempting to get at, but it was worded poorly and when asked for clarification and more precision on the predicates of his question, this silly dope just kept repeating it over and over again. That never illuminates things. And then he has the temerity to admit that he lied to Dion and his staff and airs his clowning as a “public service.” Please. How insulting.

I have to say that, if anything, watching this video measurably increased my appreciation of Stéphane Dion — which has never been all that high in some respects. If it was meant to knock him down and cast him in a poor light, it failed completely. Quite to the contrary, it demonstrated that he’s a man of good humour, patience and even more than that… while his English may be strained and rather difficult to listen to at times (he often puts the emphasis on the wrong syllables and all that), but he understands that words have meaning and desperately strains to comprehend what people are trying to communicate to him. In the few town hall meetings in which I’ve seen him interacting with supporters and others in attendance (even if they’re hostile Conservative plants) this sensibility has come across repeatedly.

Perhaps as Andrew Coyne rather insightfully, but contemptuously, said on The National’s “At Issue” panel tonight, this election is all about “EMPATHY”… But you know, maybe that’s not such an altogether bad thing. Mr “Steady As She Goes” Harper recklessly and selfishly called a “vapid” election (to quote the aforementioned hack) for nothing more than to gain a majority on the leading edge of an economic crisis in a desperate attempt to avoid being branded with the old adage that “Tory Times are Tough Times” and really doesn’t have much of a plan going forward.

“Business as usual”? How’s that all working out these days?


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