DL Hughley at a Palin Rally

The best thing to happen to CNN in a long while.

And in other good CNN-related news, Glenn Beck has moved to Fox. About time. Good riddance. Oh, and I see that they’re already looking for a replacement.


Notes From a Sinking Ship

There’s a grim satisfaction to be gained from observing the desperate, frantically pointless activities taking place on board the deck of the Titanic just shortly before it starts to be overwhelmed by the relentless forces of nature…

Update: Heh. Over at Crooks & Liars they titled their bit on this “The McCain Mutiny” — good one.

Polls, Schmolls…

Facts and evidence… Feh! John McCain glibly echoing Alfred E. Newman: “What, me worry?”

“My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them.”
— John McCain (soon to be “famous last words” I’m quite sure…)

Update: Here’s another confidence-building moment from MTP.


As reported in absolutely glowing terms in this morning’s Toronto Star, here’s a trial leadership balloon being floated by Sen. David Smith (not mentioned, but I’d venture to bet he’s behind this) and Sen. Jerry Grafstein. Surely, they cannot be entirely serious.


Presented without comment. Really, I’m completely speechless.

Biden: “Are you joking? Is this a joke? Is that a real question?”

Absolutely hilarious update:
Trust me… this will crack you up. (h/t: CC)