Zygotes ≠ “Persons”

While it may be argued in the most technically extreme biological sense that “life begins at conception” as devoutly religious people maintain to be the case, it is a complete absurdity to contend that a fertilized egg (aka a zygote) should be regarded for legal purposes as having the status of “personhood”…

Even so, the likely approval of ballot Initiative 26 in Mississippi today will amend that hopelessly backward state’s Constitution to affirm the nonsensical fiction that zygotes are “persons” – presumably, with all the legal rights of fully-fledged human beings.

Les Riley, the director of Personhood Mississippi who launched the dopey “Yes on 26” drive, notes the significance of the amendment: “You know this will be the first time in history that a state has recognized the humanity of the unborn and their God-given right to life. It would make abortion illegal within our borders and would also challenge notions about abortion.” And birth control… but that’s another matter.

Also, someone from the “get the government out of my personal business” party should immediately start investigating why 30-70 percent of the newly minted Zygote People are going rogue and deviating from the miracle of life by routinely and wilfully committing “suicide” as they choose not to achieve uterine implantation!

Surprise Update: Against the odds, common sense prevailed and the loopy Initiative 26 was soundly defeated, thereby avoiding the public policy disaster that would have resulted otherwise.

Rules, Schmules…

This is quite a long video, and seeing as vita brevis, I don’t expect many to actually watch the whole thing, but it’s quite an instructive, albeit maddening, exercise do so.

You may recall that at the start of the 112th session of Congress, highly juiced by Tea Party sentiments, House Republicans implemented a new rule stating that all bills must include a statement “citing as specifically as practicable the power or powers granted to Congress” to enact the measure. But how does that work when the measure being proposed is blatantly unconstitutional? Well, just watch and see!

I look forward to future bills being introduced into Congress by Democratic lawmakers with an incoherent, “uga booga baka bonga” preamble and seeing whether the same standard of technical rigour will be applied with respect to the new constitutional justification rule…

Rep. Chris Smith Unplugged

Has Congressman Chris Smith of New Jersey told you recently about his views on abortion and how President Obama’s “focused health care reform” proposals would fund abortions in addition to deleteriously affecting “those with cancers… [and] their unborn children” and how it would do “grave injury to those who are sick”? If not, then enjoy this clip:

Never mind Sarah Palin’s ridiculous “Death Panels” meme that was flogged to boredom by the mainstream media —sheesh, that’s so last month’s old news. The Democrats’ wimpy, industry-prostituted healthcare reforms now grinding through the congressional sausage factory have been re-branded as the “Abortion Industry Bailout Bill of 2009” — a heinous piece of legislation according to Congressman Smith that will “cause hundreds of thousands of additional abortions per year” — apparently through a wickedly clever combination of marketing, public subsidies and government funding of mysterious “new venues” (for abortions).

Oh, you may think Rep. Smith is a crackpot, but he confidently asserts he’s got “empirical evidence” on his side verifying that flaunting wads of cash in front of “vulnerable women” who feel they have absolutely “nowhere else to turn” has been proven to “tip the scales” in favour of incentivizing them to expeditiously liquidate their fetuses rather than turning to a local “pregnancy care center.”

Rep. King is also a bit ticked off at the all the political “bickering” in Washington that started immediately after January 20th and would prefer instead to characterize his vehement disagreement with the Obama administration simply as a matter of “standing up for fundamental human rights”…

Randall Terry Gets Punted

From TPMV, footage of the disruption staged by anti-abortion crusader and batshit crazy lunatic Randall Terry at a town hall meeting in Reston, Virginia and his subsequent ejection.

Here’s another view of Terry on his way out of the building:

Update: The demented sickness of “pro-life” fanatics…

Parochial Deathmatch

Lawrence O’Donnell and Pat Buchanan debate the faux outrage over Notre Dame inviting President Obama as its commencement speaker in May and to receive an honorary degree (something the University of Arizona declined to grant him, but that’s a whole other faux outrage).

The Douchebaggery of Zygotes


I don’t often delve into the raging culture wars about abortion/reproductive rights that are enthusiastically engaged in by numerous other blogs, but I did find this post highly amusing:

The votes are in, and 9 out of 10 fetuses prefer defrocked Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to President Barack Obama, according to RenewAmerica. In his weekly column, Reverend Michael Bresciani, who speaks fluent blastocyte, randomly samples a series of wombs, and reports that while Obama remains popular among America’s post-born youth, he enjoys far less support from members of the intrauterine electorate.

If nothing else, it’s worthwhile for coining the expressions “fluent blastocyte” and “intrauterine electorate.”