Online Privacy

Rick Mercer lays a smack-down on Vic Toews and Bill C-30, his warrantless online spying legislation.

Remember folks… you’re either with the philandering old pervert accused of shtupping his babysitter or you’re with the pedophiles and child pornographers. Sorry, but those are the only available choices on offer in Harperland.

No Debate… So What?

Rick Mercer rants against the erosion of public debate under the Harper Government® concerning various issues of the day and its paternalistic “My house, my rules” approach to unilaterally enacting decisions…

Um, sorry, but isn’t this semi-dictatorial kind of behaviour the nature of majority governments in parliament and, truth be told, part of the reason we elect them to effectively function as such in the first place? If anything, the virtual autocracy we temporarily grant to our leaders for several years at a time seems to be a feature, not a bug, of our system.

Candle Power!

Who knows where our power is coming from in the future?

Canada’s candlelight providers: ready to meet the surge in demand that comes from people wanting to turn the lights on but rejecting every possible means of making that happen.

Big Red Machine Beatdown!

Come to PEI, and travel back to a simpler time…

Here’s a fun fact about PEI. If Ontario had the same ratio of MLAs to population, its provincial legislature would consist of 2,492 representatives!

Rick Mercer on The Agenda

Rick Mercer talking with Steve Paikin about his role as a political satirist, being the “Jon Stewart of Canada,” and his new gig in the off-season writing a column for Macleans magazine.

By the way, here’s something I’ve thought for a long time…Wouldn’t Rick would be the perfect candidate to be the Governor General of Canada at some point in the future? I know that he doesn’t have an especially high opinion of that institution, but there’s probably nobody in this country who’s actually better “qualified” for the position than him in terms of having been to so many communities and experienced the wide diversity of Canada over the years.

Harper ≠ Canada

Another kick at the unprecedented re-branding effort by The Harper Government®, this time from Rick Mercer…

One might have thought that given the negative reaction to this attempted politicization of the Government of Canada, the Conservatives might have backed down. But no… In fact, the practice is still in very much in full swing.

LPC Pre-election Ad

As imagined by Rick Mercer…

I think this definitely falls into the category so aptly described by Homer Simpson’s immortal quote: “It’s funny ‘cause it’s true.”

I mean really, what does the Liberal Party stand for these days? Other than opportunistically sniping at Harper and the Conservatives, to borrow another famous quote, “there’s no there there” when it comes to having any sort of vision or definite purpose that might arouse a degree of interest, let alone rally widespread popular support for the Liberal cause… whatever it may be.