An Open Letter to Liblogs

I’ve always liked to think that that the Liberal Party is a “big tent” and that its unofficial online aggregator reflects that same diversity of opinion.

But there are limits to this notion.

For some inexplicable reason, you’ve decided to protect, tolerate and effectively sustain an anonymous individual that has been waging a determined campaign of libelous character assassination against me, and has spread blatantly malicious untruths of a highly personal nature (outright lies and fabrications about my wife, kids, etc.) and has even threatened to ramp this up to a level of criminal activity (explicitly stating that I will be rubbished through a widespread effort to drag my name through the mud and professionally destroy me).

I’ve complained strenuously about this nonsense and yet you’ve done nothing.

My patience with your ineffectual dithering has run out.

Please delete me from your blogroll at your earliest possible convenience.



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111 responses to “An Open Letter to Liblogs

  1. From what I read, Red. the blogger does not even sound like a Liberal, and he can be nasty. I think he is the one that should go, not you.

  2. sassy

    I agree with Carl. Even before the storm came up, I could see nothing liberal about his postings and did wonder why he was on the blogroll.

  3. sassy

    Cari not Carl – with with apologies to Cari 😉

  4. doug

    I am going to unsubscribe from Liblogs because of that idiot. I don’t want his crap showing up in my reader. I will subscribe directly to Red Tory and some of the intelligent and thoughtful blogs that appear in his blog roll.

  5. Apology accepted Sassy…what a day!

  6. Cari — I would have thought so too, but apparently not. Such is the sorry state of things.

    I may not be the most doctrinaire “Liberal” by any means, but I don’t think my opinions warrant personal attacks of the kinds being leveled by this person. I’ve complained and nothing has happened… So screw it.

    If people want to know what’s wrong with the LPC, this might be an indication.

    An absolutely horrific combination of arrogance, indifference, ignorance and monumental incompetence.

  7. What did Jason say in an email to him?

  8. I worded that badly. I meant what did Jason reply with for allowing libel against you to stand on the Liblogs page?

  9. He asked me for details of my grievance (which I provided) and then asked if I’d be willing to waive off involving Liblogs in any litigation. After I said that I would quite gladly do so… nothing.

    So, once the ass-covering assurance was provided, apparently it was a warrant to complete inaction…

  10. wilson

    ‘but I don’t think my opinions warrant personal attacks of the kinds being leveled by this person.’

    But you have allowed Ti-Guy and Kevron to attack commentors on your blog.
    You brought this on yourself RT, by never using that delete button.

  11. sharonapple88

    Wilson, it’s one thing to call another person an idiot … it’s another thing to say what “anonymous” did. If you can’t tell the difference (even Patrick Ross did)…. I don’t know what to say.

  12. Now, why would you leave Liblogs? The other guy should be removed. Besides, removing yourself from Liblogs would not stop the attacks on you. If that individual has set his or her mind to it, you’ll be his or her favourite “target practice” for some time to come, one would think.

    I do agree, however, that it reflects the state of the Liberal Party (just as some commentary on Blogging Tories blogs reflects the state of their party).

    As for Jason, well, don’t forget that he’s resigned from (political) blogging, and maybe it’s time that someone else take over the running of Liblogs, too. I hear Dion is looking for a job …

  13. Red, you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket…..most Liberal bloggers are nice people. I always thought the Liberal party was a nicer party than the Con. party. Of course , that blogger shows more Conservative arrogance.

  14. Ted

    I see some very offensive anonymous commentary – and from his/her blog posts, this “Liberal4EVR” is both clearly not a Liberal and an idiot – but what I can’t see is where he/she has libelled anyone. I’m late to this blogger vs blogger flame war, but what am I missing here?

    As for Liblogs, I see in the comments that Jason was trying to get in touch with him so “doing nothing” is not accurate. Liberal4evr is the only one who can remove the comments. Removing Liberal4evr won’t do anything to remove the vile comments.

    It would be a shame to lose one of the better and more interesting blogs from the Liblogs aggregator over such a fool as Liberal4evr.

  15. Wilson — You’re hilarious. Hey, can I get your legal name, address and phone number so that I can suss out details about your family life and then make up stories about you on the web and attempt to destroy your reputation because I happen to disagree with your political opinions?

    Get a clue.

  16. KC

    I agree. This is one of the best blogs on Liblogs. That illiterate, John McCain-supporting, closet bigot (see emphasizing of Obama’s middle name) is the one who should go.

  17. KC

    Wilson – As big an moron as I personally think Ti-Guy is, he at least doesn’t make unsubstantiated allegations about your personal life except occasionally in a flippant manner.

  18. Werner — It’s not a pissing contest. If Jason doesn’t see fit to remove L4effer that’s fine with me. Kind of hard to see what the attraction is, but that’s his call.

  19. Wasn’t Jason looking for applications to run Liblogs a while back?

    RT – we need intelligent blogs like yours….perhaps if we all contacted Jason, he may listen.

    Wilson – you bitch and moan and groan if comments are deleted and then moan and groan and attack people if comments aren’t deleted. And, you seem to be all over the blogosphere with constant attacks.

    RT – I really wish you’d stay. If there’s nothing left to read but sites like Liberal4ever…….the Liblogs is doomed.

  20. Ted — Part of the reason I moved over to WordPress several months ago was to weed out objectionable commentary from anonymous cowards (you can shut off this option in Blogger, but it doesn’t provide the tools needed to track down willful miscreants).

    To answer you question he has allowed comments from an “Anonymous” poster (which is actually him… sockpuppeting because the IP#s are all the same) spreading lies about my wife and kids and threatening to disseminate this misinformation far and wide in an effort to maliciously destroy my reputation. He has also been posting numerous comments over the past several months under various names that are highly insulting, profane and filled with lies and baseless allegations (most have been deleted and many more relegated to the Spam bin with the aid of WordPress).

  21. The Militant Liberal

    Liblogs without Red? are you fucking serious? Red is Liblogs.Lib4nvr will soon be the only blogger left on Liblogs. Him and Morten’s 10 posts a day of happy horseshit.

  22. Sandi — Yeah, an unpaid “intern” kind of gig as I recall. Bet people were lining up out the door for that. 😉

  23. Tory@York

    Red, coming from the other side of the spectrum, you have to stay. Your blog topics are usually the most interesting, thought provoking and debate inspiring (albeit some pretty heated debate sometimes). I dont think any other blog on the blogroll generates as many comments and activity as your posts do. It would deprive liblogs of one of its top voices. Im sure theres some other way that this could work out.

  24. TML — LOL

    Well hardly. There are plenty of good bloggers feeding into Liblogs, I just happen to think that L4effer (to borrow KEv’s neat variant on his name) isn’t one of them. He does nothing for “the cause” (such as it is these days) and with respect to my personal circumstance is malicious, destructive and libelous. I think there should be some minimum standards of behaviour and he seems to have transgressed them.

    Why anyone (even Blogging Tories, for goodness sake) would want someone retailing loathsome, black-hating, fear-mongering racist crap from the bottom of Sean Hannity’s barrel of inflammatory “culture war” politics while pretending to be a “Liberal” is quite beyond me.

    Aren’t we just a little better than this?

  25. If you leave – doesn’t he kind of win?

    The fact that you even explained your personal issues should ‘t be cause for these types of attacks and proves you tell the truth and there is no need to fabricate stories.

    Liberal4Ever – if you are reading this blog – don’t get too smug. There are a lot of angry people out there who enjoy Red Tory’s blog who just may not put up with your nonsense.

  26. sharonapple88

    Him and Morten’s 10 posts a day of happy horseshit.

    I like Morten’s blog — sorry, I dig the cute in between the doses of politics. 🙂

    Sandi — Yeah, an unpaid “intern” kind of gig as I recall. Bet people were lining up out the door for that. 😉

    Remember how much trouble it was to fix the roll a couple of months ago — wordpress was giving them trouble. It was the opposite of people snapping into action. Hopefully, this is the situation right now.

  27. The Militant Liberal

    I think that we should keep in mind that Lib4nvr could be a blogging Tory in disguise. I think I remember one commenter mentioning that a while back on your “Stupid4evr “post. If that is the case wouldn’t you leaving Liblogs be considered quite a victory for their team?

  28. sharonapple88

    Hopefully, this is the situation right now.

    in that there appeared to be technical problems among other things preventing swift action.

  29. Speaking as a member of the Blogging Tories, albeit, a new’un, I would hope that the BT’s standards are a little bit better than Liberal4evr’s.

    I think this particular blogger is in a league of his own. Certain of the Blogging Tories are….extreme at the very least, but if what you say is true, about Liberal4evr’s use of sockpuppetry, and from what I’ve seen of his use of defamation, I don’t think it’s easy to compare him to anyone.

    But I’m beginning to sound dreadfully partisan, so I’ll end this vein of thought.

    Surely you’re on the list of the top fifty political blogs in Canada, so by now I’m sure you can afford to be without the Libloggers. I think they probably need you more than you need them.

    With JC gone, and you gone, I wonder what the future will hold for the Libloggers?

  30. Tory@York — Thanks. I’ve always tried to engage people on matters of curiosity in ways that are fun and interesting. Sure, I’m a “lefty” (as Chris Buckley would put it) but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate and enjoy the opinions of all sorts. Many folks who frequently comment here are to the left and right of me, or various shades of… whatever. Such differences don’t really concern me that much, which is why hostile, intensely partisan reactions are somewhat difficult to fathom.

  31. The Militant Liberal

    “I like Morten’s blog”

    Yeah Sharonapple88 your right . I felt a little guilty for typing that. Morten is ok. It is still happy horseshit but inoffensive.

  32. sharonapple88

    Join me on the list of people hoping you stay. There are a number of good blogs on liblogs, but it wouldn’t be the same with you gone.

  33. Let me chime in to support Morten. I quite like his stuff even though I think he’s a bit indiscriminate sometimes.

  34. Having been the subject of an “outing” not long ago, I know a little bit of how you feel. But seeing all the garbage you’ve had to put up on this one, you got WAY worse than I did, and I’m not at all surprised that you’re wanting out of the Liblogs.

    Hang in there… if you go, who’s going to be left for me to cross swords with in a worthwhile fashion? 😉

  35. sharonapple88

    I must confess, I’m partial to polar bears.

  36. CWTF

    Let me chime in to support Morten. I quite like his stuff even though I think he’s a bit indiscriminate sometimes.
    He seems to have a bear fetish…..

  37. The Militant Liberal

    Red You never responded to my Blogging Tory conspiracy theory. Do you think it is possible? Or am I giving them to much credit?

  38. Well, who doesn’t like bears? Except Stephen Colbert, of course.

  39. TML — Sorry, but I don’t have sufficient evidence to say one way or the other when it comes to that. I really can’t figure out what his game is and it would be reckless of me to speculate in that regard.

  40. MoS

    You know, Red, I’m thinking if you go maybe I should join you. Actually I think more libloggers should join in. Either this outfit takes out the trash or we leave until it does. Who knows, maybe they’d be better off without us.

  41. You got my backing 100% Red.

    I suspect L4E is also “proudt2beprogressive” that insane troll over at JJ’s place.

    IP from Toronto I bet eh?

    The fact that Cherniak doesn’t care speaks volumes about his ethics and morals.

    As an IT professional and dirty anarchist, you just let me know if you need any assistance….


  42. RT,
    I wasn’t aware it was Liberal4ever who was posting those things that were the extremely offensive comments. I agree with your take pn Morten’s musings, if I wanted to look at cute animals I’d call for my 2 yellow labs. Anyways, keep up the good fight.

  43. hugger

    Umm, is this all delayed liberal party angst? Remember what I wrote about knawing off one’s wounded paws?

    Where is the consistency I ask? I come to this forum and have some address me in a wide ranging slam of the race to the bottom. Ya, so what I say. Moving on..

    I went over and had a look see at the source of the great debate, and I will add a few things if I am allowed to do so.

    Firstly, those amusing themselves on blogs with Dead Animal type exchanges are indeed engaged in the race to the bottom. Many of these souls have a undeserved high opinion of their own opinions and are easily put in their place with a little patience. If necessary. Generally, ignoring them is the better choice, and I’m not singling out anyone in particular , but making more of a generalized statement.

    One thing I will stress is how easily some whose mental capacities can be quite broad at times, can also be drawn like the proverbial moth to the flame. The libblogger in question appears to be grinding an axe, and some anon/agent provocatuer(s) is/are peeing gas to feed the flame.

    Idjumits abound.

    Red, you were curious about that element of society that sees things, hears things and cares little to question why, how, when or what’s in it for the source. You have thrust thy blade into the heart of the Dragon, and the Dragon has responded by placing a few pirhana in your fish bowl.

    I don’t know anything about you, nor you about me. I know, I’ve said that before. I’ll say this much though. I have personally been demonized by similar persons with similar tactics in the real world, and realize it’s not a pleasant thing. Still, it is a part of life unfortunate as it may be, that we have to come to learn how to deal with.

    I would also add that your personal business is not the business of the general public, but such is the way in our times. We have lost a great deal of the fabric that once contributed to the growth of our Nation, and have become petty and small in many ways. I suppose unsubstantiated character assassinations and personal attacks are a means of creating distraction and diverting the course of discussion from that which is of some importance.

    Attacking people has become such commonplace in our political spectrum, that we have developed a cult of political and personal blood suckers whose day, it seems isn’t complete until they have been given opportunity to feed.

    A sad thing really, especially when there are concerns which are so much more important facing us as a Nation.

  44. MoS

    I’ve made up my mind. I’m out too. There are about ten more I hope will join in.

  45. MOS — We should talk about this next week. I’m kind of busy at the moment what with moving and all…

    I’ve mentioned before the idea of setting up a some kind of forum made of disparately opinionated but oddly like-minded people from across the political spectrum, so maybe this is a good opportunity to explore that concept in more detail. I think we need to get past this simplistic left/right partisan crap and move into an altogether better, more informative and hopefully enlightened realm of discussion.

  46. ChristoCon — I’ll still be around. Feel free to drop by and explain that whole baptismal predicament with Jesus any time. 😉

  47. The Militant Liberal

    If the Mound of Sound and Red go Liblogs will be a shell of it’s former self.I am still hoping cooler heads will prevail and the powers that be at Liblogs (Is that still Jason?) will kick out Lib4nvr. He should be gone not because he clearly isn’t Liberal. (Many would say I’m way to Left to be Liberal) but because he tried using someone’s real name and info in order to intimidate them.

  48. The Militant Liberal

    He also made up a bunch of lies about someone and tried to spread them.

  49. deliberativedialogue


    I haven’t been a member of Liblogs since I started blogging again, but I do agree with many of the other comments that the forum would be worse in your absence. It appears that Cherniak has threatened to remove this blog in one of the comment threads, so perhaps that is something to consider.

    That said, the idea of a non-partisan forum promoting rational discourse is very appealing if you decide to pursue it further.

    It’s unfortunate that you have to deal with this kind of libel and you certainly have my sympathies. Hopefully you will be able to get it resolved quickly.

  50. Ted

    I highly doubt he’s a Blogging Tory. He doesn’t seem the least bit interested in Canadian politics, let alone the Liberal or Conservative Parties. A wolf in sheeps clothing would be telling you how juicy the sheep look, not about which goose to cook.

    (If that makes any sense)

  51. Hugger — That was a lot to wade through, but you made some fair points amidst what was, I have to say, a rather convoluted and discursive ramble.

    Yes, there are indeed vastly more important issues to be addressed rather than concerning ourselves with the completely inane, interminable pettifogging of disagreeable hacks.

  52. Well, personally I can’t see how leaving Liblogs will stop L4e or his anonymous douchebag commenter from continuing to slander you. Having said that, it is of course your prerogative to withdraw…at this point in your blogging career, you likely don’t need the publicity that the aggregator affords in order to maintain your readership. Still, I would urge you to consider whether leaving Liblogs will really serve to address any of the fundamental concerns you have about the type of comments that L4e is allowing to stand on his blog.

  53. Ted — Well I have to say that it’s pretty funny that most of his attacks seem to concern the fact that I show some interest in American politics when most of his own posts are… about American politics. In fact, his “Anonymous” sock-puppet comments about how I’m anti-American and supposedly obsessed with America on his own threads that are dealing with the American election.

    The words “clinically insane” come to mind for some reason…

  54. sharonapple88

    The fact that Cherniak doesn’t care speaks volumes about his ethics and morals.

    Hopefully it’s more of a question of being overworked (unable to check e-mails), or that he’s trapped under something large and heavy….

  55. Olaf


    I’ve mentioned before the idea of setting up a some kind of forum made of disparately opinionated but oddly like-minded people from across the political spectrum, so maybe this is a good opportunity to explore that concept in more detail.

    I like this idea. I was part of the non-partisan blog alliance (or whatever it was called), and they’re a good group – I think James Bow runs it. I just haven’t got around to re-adding myself. If we could get a few of the more popular bloggers out there on the non-partisan site, I think it would be accessed more often than currently. Plus, then it would allow thinking humans to bypass the mass of garbage that is presented as commentary on the partisan aggregators.

  56. The Militant Liberal

    “concerning ourselves with the completely inane, interminable pettifogging of disagreeable hacks.”

    It is exactly this kind of clever wordplay that keeps me coming back RT. That is why I would hate to see you go. I would still know where to find you but somehow it wouldn’t be the same. Who else besides you or maybe Ti-guy or Areanus is gonna use a word like “pettifogging”

  57. RC — I’m not looking at this gesture to solve or remedy anything. That asshole can continue doing what he wants until the cows come home for all all I care, but I don’t want to be associated with him in any way, shape or form, that’s all. It’s also a way of registering my profound displeasure with the unsatisfactory management of Liblogs. If nothing else, I thought that Jason might have been a little more appreciative of someone being called a “Jew hater” for no good reason.

  58. Olaf — I’m actually thinking more along the lines of an online magazine like The Huffington Post, but that’s rather ambitious and will require some thought and investment.

  59. I have no idea what happened other than what’s been alluded to here but if he’s threatening your wife and kids in some way, RT, and you have his IP addy, take some official action. Whether you leave LibLogs or not and/or if Cherniak decides to turf him, he may still be a threat.

    (Btw, Jason, asking if RT would keep your site out of litigation is an extremely insensitive reaction. Get your head out of your butt for a minute – just this once.)

    Don’t fool around with this kind of stuff, RT. I know I don’t need to remind you of online tussles that have become ugly in RL. Just protect yourself and your family.

  60. Olaf


    I see. Well God speed to you in the endeavor. Let me know if you need a moderately right wing jackass to write glib comments laced with unnecessary profanity. I may have someone in mind…

  61. The Militant Liberal

    Or if you need a massively left wing jackass to make attempted glib comments also laced with profanity. Maybe that’s how you determine who gets in. We don’t care where you are on the political spectrum as long as you make proper use of profanity Goddamnit.

  62. LC — Thanks for the advice. I’m just kind of busy at the moment what with moving an everything. I’ve had people in and out of here, painting, cleaning, etc., cable guys coming and going, plus packing up and what not. Kind of hard to concentrate on much of anything right now.

  63. TML — I’m a great lover of rude punditry, but I’ve been on good behavior of late.

  64. RT – Point taken. The irony is that L4e’s ridiculously misnamed blog is getting vastly more attention than it deserves. I would urge your readers to avoid visiting his site, even to admonish him…after all, he and his anonytard commenters crave only one thing – attention.

    I can only hope that JC is too busy with his après-blogging life to devote appropriate attention to this matter, and not that he is tacitly condoning the vicious smears against you and your family.

    As for your new “Red Torrington Post” endeavor, it’s a commendable idea, and I hope it works out. I’ll third the sentiments of Olaf and TML that if you ever need an occasionally foul mouthed, semi-literate contributor, I’m down with that shit.

  65. Cameron

    Just a thought about wilson’s comment way up thread.

    There is a difference between what might be objectionable (mom jokes, sexual innuendo, comments about intelligence) and things that are legally actionable.

    So Kevron and Ti-Guy make comments that are, for lack of a better term, rude. L4E and his sock puppets are making comments that pass from objectionable to actionable because (this is drawn from my J-school law class… a million years ago) they attack RT’s character and his ability to make a living.

  66. The Militant Liberal

    Yah what happened? I remember on more than one occasion when you were in a less than tolerant mood you even put the C word to good use. Those are are some of my favorite moments.

  67. RC — It’s not a site that’s worth visiting other than to briefly gawk at its tragic idiocy. There’s nothing remotely delightful or interesting about it and it’s host/author is a witless, misinformed, remarkably dull buffoon. I regret having paid it the slightest bit of attention.

  68. Cameron — There’s a huge difference between people slagging one another’s online personas and actually making up lies and fabrications about people referencing their REAL names.

    With respect to “Wilson” for example, I see no point in dragging her name out into the open (even though I know what it is) and making disparaging remarks about her on that basis.

  69. Carrie

    I’m actually thinking more along the lines of an online magazine like The Huffington Post

    Please do! Yours and a very select few other blogs (Impolitical, for one) offer excellent information. I’ve been wondering for quite a while why you and some of your commenters haven’t started something like HuffPo. It’s badly needed. Especially with the media garbage and history being ignored/forgotten.

  70. In due course… I’m kind of busy with other things at the moment. I’d have to see what the market is and whether there might be interest from advertisers for such a thing. I sure as hell am not going to do it for free. So it’s something I’ll look at in the next month or so as time allows to see if it could be a worthwhile commercial venture.

  71. Hey Red,

    Being a verterian of one or two blogwars, one that got really nasty, just a word of advice.

    Ignore it, it isn’t worth the time or trouble. Stay with Liblogs, you and others leaving only allows these type of people victories.

    Brave Nonny posters (sounds like Dickie Evans to me) will of course throw gas on the fire in hopes of destorying the other side.

    Hang tough Red, and keep your stick on the Ice.

    In other news, I think Liberal4evr and nonny might just win this weeks Salute to the Nutz, man what a bunch of crap bags.

  72. Zorpheus — Thanks. I’ll take that under advisement.

  73. The Militant Liberal

    I just realized I’ve been following this thread all day! What a loser!! I’m going for a walk. Good luck RT. Looking forward to the new “huffington” blog. Don’t sweat Lib4nvr, that guy is dick cheese.

  74. “But you have allowed Ti-Guy and Kevron to attack commentors on your blog.”

    your mom is next.



  75. “So Kevron and Ti-Guy make comments that are, for lack of a better term, rude.”

    oh, my comments go waaay beyond rude…. but well short of libel. wilson may not be able to tell the difference, but sane people can.


  76. You know, a Canadian version of a Huffington Post blog site sounds great – people would probably read that instead of the partisan nonsense that goes on BT and Liblogs.

    Hey, a new career in the making? You know Arianna Huffington is very wealthy now.

    Food for thought.

    If you could get opinion and articles from say, Ignatieff, Rae, , Kady O’Mally, some of our better journalists, etc. – Taber not included.


  77. Bill D. Cat

    If you could get opinion and articles from say, Ignatieff, Rae, , Kady O’Mally, some of our better journalists, etc. – Taber not included.


    Heh , yeah , truly inclusive .

    Oh , and don’t let the fucker get you down.

  78. Bill D. Cat

    ^ Call it Enter Stage Left .

  79. Moebius

    Considering the new CPC is more Red Tory than you are, maybe you should consider returning to the fold!

    The dark side is so attractive……..

  80. SDC

    Well, if he’s not an Obamaton, he must be a bigoted racist, right RT?

  81. you are right.


  82. since we’re on it; how do people feel about the outing of trolls? fair game or also ob?


  83. Bill D. Cat

    how do people feel about the outing of trolls?

    About the same as professional fart catchers …. who cares ?

  84. i said “people”.


  85. Bill D. Cat

    ’nuff said .

  86. Cameron

    RT, that was my point, it came across as obtuse though didn’t it?

    Anyway, rude and vile do not equal actionable.

    what that fucktard did on it’s blog was both.

  87. SDC — You really need to get a new songbook.

  88. Blues Clair

    “I’m actually thinking more along the lines of an online magazine like The Huffington Post “

    Sounds’a good. Do it, I invest, would, yes. You(r) blog very fun(ny), intelligence, yes!

    cheap red (pinot noir) 4 me tonight… not so cheap though, quite cheap.

    Can I write the obituaries?

  89. Blues Clair

    Or your Chicago Bureau Chief…

  90. BC — Sure! Although I’ve always thought that obits could be quite effectively written with a bit of Javascript or just even randomly generated for all the difference it makes. Seriously. Check them out in your local paper sometime and track them over a few days/weeks/months… The formulaic patterns and requisite pro forma elements aren’t that hard to discern. They could be quite easily be whipped up as needed with a clever bit of software. We need to bring some efficiency to the process of lamenting the recently deceased!

  91. Blues Clair


    Random computer generated obituaries… I like it. Offensive, yes… But like they say, all press is good press. Get started fine sir!

  92. Gene

    You’re one of the reasons I visit ‘Liblogs’ regularly. even though I don’t always agree with your take – case in point: BHL 🙂

    You make politics interesting and fun. Don’t leave!

  93. Given the indolence and ineptness of Liblogs, it may be academic in any case. 😉

  94. Tomm


    Sorry to hear about your cyber bully. There are a lot of jerks and some decide that it is worth their while to pester, badger, irritate, or hound people, for no better reason than they can.

    They use excuses that implicate the person they try to hurt, but it’s all excuses. I’m sorry that you are at the end of your rope over one that is actually registered with the same political blog site you’re registered with. That makes it doubly offensive.

    Don’t stop with the high quality material. To bad you can’t get paid for doing this. I plan to kick in a little. I don’t get the opportunity to visit as much as I have in the past, but still enjoy your site when I get to it.

  95. Tomm — Thanks. I really shouldn’t have let it get to me as much as it did perhaps. You and I have frequently disagreed on things but have always managed to engage in rational arguments (I recall with some fondness our lengthy back and forth over the concept of “nation-building” and Canada’s role in the world… We really should pick up that discussion again.)

    Anyway, we move on, learn from one another and always strive to move the discourse forward.

  96. Tomm

    There is a lot that needs to be discussed in constructive ways. Like the example you brought up of nation building. Sometimes those discussions get awkward, but its how we grow, share humility and become more informed and more confident in our vision.

    I don’t mind a good fight. I’m sure you can well imagine close friends of mine who absolutely hate my political views and think I could use a good whack to the head. But, as we both know, politics are mostly shades of grey.

    We agree on fundamentals. For example, those include Canada’s need to lead internationally on a variety of files; that Canada is pretty fine place, and that capitalism is both the best and worst economic system and desperately needs to be improved.

    Things we mostly disagree on are fun to discuss but ultimately won’t amount to a hill of beans.

    I especially enjoy your bits on theology and humanist philosophy.

  97. Tomm — In some sense it’s all of a piece — politics is just one angle of a much bigger picture. We all come at Veritas from different directions.

  98. Red,

    I like your idea and I’ll happily help in any way I can too.

    Bill D Cat,

    Stageleft is already a blog…

  99. Well, no point in bothering then. I shall just have to write a book or something instead. 😉

  100. knb

    I came to this anti-party late, but just saw that the blogger in question is stirring the pot again.

    Have you had any answers from Jason?

  101. No. I’m too busy with moving at the moment to worry about that.

    Don’t waste your time on that L4effer guy. He’s not worth it. Dumb as a sack of hammers. He makes “Hunter” seem like an intellectual.

  102. Is it just me, or does he remind you of TheRightIsWHereItsAT?

    An uncanny similarity.

  103. It’s a done deal:

    Liberal 4ever is officially being sockpuppeted by the mudfortunate TRIWIA. No two individuals could be so similarly delusional.

  104. all you phoney “centrists” sound alike to me, ralphie.


  105. Kev, you singularly manage to keep most right wingers away from this site. You are like a conservative repellent. Nobody can stand your vapid anachronistic viewpoints spilled randomly in repetitive disorder to the comments section. Interesting that you have latched on here, where you are clearly at a literary, intellectual, and contributory deficit. At the very least, Ti-Guy seems to be well-read.

    So you’re a step up from TRIWIA, Kevron, but by a c-hair.

  106. Pingback: When will the blogosphere finally grow up? « Tout Le Monde Est Fou Sauf Moi



  108. Jason Hickman

    RT, I’m late to the party, but Nill illigitimi carborundum , and all that.

    As for your HuffPost-in-Canada kind of thing, there’d probably be some interest in that from various points of view. I’m not sure if WordPress shows you my e-mail address but if it does, drop me a note if it ever gets off the ground.


    – Jason.

  109. Jason — Thanks and yes it does.

    It’s an idea I’ve been toying with for some time, but you know… what with one thing and another, I haven’t been able to get serious about it. Maybe in the next few months once things on a personal level get settled down a bit I can finally do that.

  110. Carrie

    Kevron, bravo! I have no idea how you did it but well done.

  111. i couldn’t have done it without ralphie’s hyperbole.


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