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Another One Bites the Dust…

Andrew McKeever might well have deserved to be kicked (belatedly) to the curbside by the NDP for his goofy online antics, but it also sends a very chilling message for anyone blogging and thinking about running for public office. And yes, we’re reminded of this.


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The Mudfortunate Zone

I am soooo not going there.

One thing though… Do you think perhaps “Anonymous” is confusing Factcheck.org with MediaMatters.org?

Oh, and another thing: TAXES ARE GOVERNMENTAL THEFT. Ponder that for a while, because that’s what this doyen and corpulent patron of the Canadian right-wing thinks. The money that goes to pay for the most essential things in life: healthcare, clean water, garbage disposal, fire protection, etc. not to mention other frivolous things like our Armed Forces, the Border Services Agency, the Food Inspection Agency, and on an on… the very government of Canada itself, are nothing but THEFT, according to “dr.roy”…

Update: Oh, and be sure to visit the incomparable archives of comedy gold featuring the slackwit stylings of “dr.roy” — the perennial low-hanging fruit on the poison tree of Blogging Torydom (or should that be Torydumb?).


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In a Rational World…

Dennis Kucinich would be POTUS, but of course that’s never, ever going to happen because of his diminutive shortcomings and alleged Vulcan resemblance (or apparent similarities being drawn to that of a garden gnome), and so, in the meantime, we get the insignificant consolation and minimal enjoyment of seeing him briefly speak “truth to power” before an empty chamber in Congress.

That what Bernie Sanders in the Senate and Kucinich in the House are saying about the fundamental wrong-headedness of this $1 TRILLION “bailout” of Wall Street goes largely unnoticed and unremarked upon by the corporate media is nothing short of criminal.

And not to mention this of course…


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Idiot Nation: A New Nadir!

It’s truly sorta sad, you betcha, to be reportin’ that we’ve kinda maybe been hitin’ a new all-time low on the collective dumbassidtude front, doggon it, what with the mainstream media folks at CNN tellin’ us that Sarah Palin demonstrated more “intelligence” in her speech patterns durin’ the vice presidential debate t’other night than Joe Biden did.

Oh, and there you were, you fancy-pants, elitist, latte-drinkin’ beltway insider, know-nothin’ sillyhead… foolishily thinkin’ that Biden’s reasonably informed, fluid and measured responses were markedly better than the inane gibberish and awkwardly folksy patois of Palin. How remarkably dumb of you.

Update: Gosh darn it all, wouldn’t ya know that Sarah and her sometimes fishin’… oil workin’… and snow-machine racin’ husband Todd there, have assets valued at more than $2 million and only paid a few thousand dollars in tax.


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Like 32.5 million others or so, I must have completely missed this program on CBC’s Newsworld channel. Billed as “the show that kicks democracy into hyperdrive…” There are several parts to it, but here are two (the beginning and the end, in fact) that will give you the flavour of this “political experiment that’s never been tried before in this country”:

I won’t be a spoiler and tell you who actually “won” this fun-filled little event focused on the economy, but let’s say that it wasn’t the NDPs or Greens.


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