Political Discourse in America

Mindlessly chanting “USA, USA, USA!” the audience at CPAC shouts down a handful of “Occupy” protesters that were attempting to disrupt a speech by former political celebrity Sarah Palin with inane chants of their own.

Evidently, the CPAC attendees “won” the contest.

Update: Another example of lofty debate from the CPAC event… In this instance, conservative provocateur Andrew Brietbart repeatedly commands a noisy group of “Occupy” protesters to “behave” themselves, then goes on to call them “filthy freaks and animals” before angrily demanding they stop raping and murdering people.

Batshit Crazy Festival 2012: aka CPAC

Only in America could there be such an event as the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) – an annual gathering in Washington where nearly 10,000 angry white men and fiercely intolerant women come to hear a bizarre assortment of raving mad lunatics speak to their deepest prejudices, phobias and collective fears.

Update: CPAC closed out their first day with a “conservative comedian” (almost by definition an oxymoron) stalking the stage, angrily railing on about the evils of car safety measures like seat belts and airbags.

Jimmy 2012

The only person to have actually declared as yet that he’s running for president in 2012 made an appearance at last week’s CPAC event:

Jimmy McMillan will, if nothing else, bring some much needed amusement to a Republican primary race that promises otherwise to be just “too damn boring.”

Trumping Ron Paul

I’m sure I wasn’t alone in cheering on Donald Trump’s impromptu remarks at the CPAC event last week with respect to Ron Paul, stating “honestly he just has zero chance of getting elected.” Well, duh.

Look, Ron Paul knows full well that he will NEVER be elected and therefore has the luxury of saying anything he damn well pleases, no matter how whacky, impractical, socially unjust, or deeply impolitic his ideas may be. Like our own “no hopers” on the margins of political reality, it’s all a bit of cheat really.

Of course the majority of libertarian whippersnappers adore this cantankerous old fart because they’re: a) completely self-absorbed; and, b) irresponsible boneheads with the foresight of gnat. One would like to think they might feel somewhat differently however were their folks impoverished or even perhaps made homeless by virtue of his theoretical “Austrian economics” actually being put into practical application for the first time in history.

Apprentice Update: Donald Trump shares some of his “ideas” about the economy on CNN (which essentially consist of kicking China in the nads and roughing up some other countries around the world or shaking them down for protection money):

I seriously doubt that Trump has the patience (or money, for that matter) to make a serious run for president, but it’s kind of fun to imagine what things would be like with this arrogant dickhead at the helm of the USA.

War Criminal!

As former Vice President Dick Cheney takes the podium at the CPAC convention, an audience member loudly denounces him as a “war criminal”…

What’s particularly funny about this clip is that if you listen closely to the chatter in the background, someone on stage can be heard to remark, “We’ve got a Canadian.” Heh.

Young Conservatives

Rising future “superstars” of the conservative movement strutting their stuff at the 2010 CPAC Convention.

Be afraid… be very afraid. We thought the worst of the worst had been realized in the wake of the “Reagan revolution” and the vulgar assortment of evangelical nutters that opportunistically surfed to political dominance over the last few decades, but the fanatical right-wing ideologues and cranky zealots now waiting in the wings and being teed-up for the next-gen leadership of this fascistic movement are even more frightening than their predecessors.

The Queen of Mean

The other “star” of CPAC 2009, author and comedian Ann Coulter, spent her time savaging President Obama and liberals. Groundbreaking stuff! The first two video clips are her speech; the third is a Q&A with the audience — including one guy who first intimated that he wanted to propose to it her and then wanted to know “How can us Canadian Conservatives earn the love we have for you?” She answered by saying: “That’s the thing about you Canadians, you’re either really, really good, or really, really awful. At the beginning of the Iraq War it was becoming perilously close to being awful.”

If you manfully suffered all the way through to the end, you may have made a double-take at this remark:

So for politically correct reasons, we’re moving the focus of the war on terrorism to a very bad place for us. The Russians couldn’t win there. Peter the Great couldn’t win there. Oh, but maybe the messiah can win there, ok.

People with even a passing knowledge of history will, of course, know that Peter the Great never went anywhere near Afghanistan (the closest he came was an abortive invasion of Moldavia — over 2,000 miles away — during his brief struggle with the Ottoman Empire). Ah, but since when did Ann Coulter ever let pesky little “facts” get in the way of her vitriolic bullshit?

Right-Wing Nuthouse

I can’t post a Tweet, so I’ll just tell you that right now I’m watching the interim leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, delivering a tub-thumping stem-winder to the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). I’m sure we’ll have hilarious videos in fairly short order.

In the meantime, from a commenter at Think Progress: “You could not pay actors, nor find actors capable enough, to begin to imitate the level of insanity these people so boldly embrace. How did this mass escape from the Arkahm Insane Asylum miss the mainstream media? No way back to reality for this crew! Stay tuned for their next amusing escapade!” Heh.