From the Decision Desk

Well, it’s 7:30 PM here in Victoria, B.C. and when I rode past one of the local polling stations just a short while ago, many good citizens were still dutifully lined up outside the Colwood Community Hall, waiting to cast their ballot.

But uh-oh! It’s all over except for the moaning. Canada has re-elected Harper (stupid Canada!) and all that remains to be seen now is whether it will be a majority or a minority. And how do I know that…? From CBC! (And despite Newsworld being literally blacked-out, I have the screengrabs and backed-up website page to prove it — so there, SCOC!)

Accordingly, feel free to spill the beans and ignore that archaic Elections Canada prohibition from the 30s. Comment away! If the authorities want to charge me for violating the law, then I say… take a number and get in line.


What’s Wrong With American Politics?

Oh… I dunno. How about THIS for starters:

I watched the above cringe-inducing video this morning and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Maybe it’s just me, but this seems like a perfect metaphor of sorts that perfectly embodies how completely, totally and insanely fucked-up the so-called political “discourse” has become these days.

Good grief, when bloody Bill “wrong about everything” Kristol is the “voice of reason”… then we’ve surely reached the End Times.