Stephen Harper: Main Street Opinions

A new ad from the Conservative Party:


ABC Thread

For those who would prefer to talk about strategic voting and such…

The Tyee offers their take on this situation here in B.C.

I really can’t agree with their analysis of my riding where, unlike previous races, the NDP candidate isn’t credible in my opinion. They’ve got the wrong end of the stick. Voting NDP in this riding is NOT an option! That will only help the Conservative candidate run up the middle.

Blasphemy Is a Victimless Crime

Here’s a wonderful clip of Dawkins talking at UC Berkley back in March about some of the facile criticism that he’s received in connection with The God Delusion concerning allegations from many people that the good professor is “shrill, strident, intemperate, intolerant, ranting” and so on. He quite cleverly transposes the perceived “tone” (urgh, the ever-moronic and highly annoying “tone” argument) of his remarks with routine criticisms that we generally take in our stride, such as those leveled at restaurants.

Personally, I’ve always taken his scathing diatribes such as where he describes the God of the Old Testament being “arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction” and so on as hilariously funny because… well, I’m not sure exactly why, but they certainly tickle me as being comical in the “funny because they’re true” sense, I suppose. If nothing else, quite aside from religion or anything else, his recounting of the clips from restaurant critics are priceless comedy.

America the Beautiful

Well, for some perhaps…

I used to be somewhat dismissive of Palast’s allegations back in 2005, or at least highly skeptical about them. No more. You can find much more about him and his work (some might call it a “crusade”) from his website. It’s quite eye-opening stuff when you really start to delve into the subject — it may however lead to deep cynicism about so-called “democracy” as practiced in America.

And the Winner Is…

No, no… not the election. That’s a foregone conclusion. (Conservative minority, wouldn’t you say? Duh.)

That should really irk right-wingnuts. Maybe when things settle down here a bit, we can discuss The New Trade theory. Oh and get back to discussing why cap-and-trade programs suck. Kind of busy at the moment…

Update: And, semi-related, consider this…

The markets on Wall Street may well be “metabolizing” the news from the EU ministers weekend get together and appear to be rallying a little today from the depths of despair and panic last week, but don’t be deceived — the underlying problems at the root of the current crisis — the entirely NOT “strong fundamentals” (a wholly bogus and laughably deceitful expression) — are being completely ignored for now. For various reasons, it’s almost indisputable that the economy is headed for a period of economic recession and it may even be worse than that: a “great reckoning” of some kind.

The promises being made by all of our leaders in the federal election are virtually meaningless in the light of this — at least in the form in which they’re being proposed. Either program cuts will have be made, or the promises not to go into deficit will have to be broken — you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Something has to give. Unfortunately, they are all working from assumptions and modestly optimistic economic forecasts that were wrongly made 6-8 months ago, resulting in hackneyed political scripts that were formulated before the “new paradigm” as Soros calls it became painfully evident.

The Softwood Lumber Sellout

Probably too little too late to serve the Liberals much good, what with most people paying more attention to their Thanksgiving activities than the dregs of a pointless election that got hijacked by a dramatic economic crisis, but this is quite interesting, albeit entirely unsurprising to anyone who understands how deeply corrupt the American political system is.

Aside from being one of the first promises that the Harper government broke (in their previous election platform they had specifically vowed to recover the full $5 billion owed); flouting the dispute resolution mechanisms of the NAFTA that the Liberals had doggedly pursued; and sending a terrible signal to other companies in the USA; this just adds insult to injury caused, at least in part, by the deal to rural communities in B.C. and other provinces simply to appease the US softwood lumber lobby. Pathetic.