What’s the Matter With Mississippi?

This short film by Alexandra Pelosi asks some regular folks in Mississippi why the poorest state in America is also the most conservative:

Pesky Facts: Mississippi has highest rate of child poverty (31.9 percent), highest rate of infant mortality (10.3 percent), highest rate of obesity (35.3 percent of total population), lowest median household income ($35,078), highest teen birth rate (71.9 per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19) and highest overall rate of STDs.

Real Time: New Rules

“Actually, it’s not so shocking Andy Williams says Obama is a Communist, it’s shocking Andy Williams is still alive. He doesn’t do shows, he has viewings.”

Great monologue about climate change (or is it “global warming”?) this week.

As usual these days, no guarantees this won’t get zapped by HBO, so enjoy it while you can.

Real Time: New Rules

“I’m glad Obama is president, but the ‘audacity of hope’ part is over. Right now, I’m hoping for a little more audacity.”

Real Time: New Rules

“Liberals must launch our plan for socialist domination immediately. Listen closely comrades. I’ve received word from General Soros and our partners in the U.N., ‘Operation Streisand’ is a go. Markos Moulitsas, you and your DailyKos controlled army of gay Mexican day-laborers will join forces with Michael Moore’s Prius tank division north of Branson, where you will seize the guns of everyone who doesn’t blame America first, forcing them into the FEMA concentration camps; that’s where ACORN and I will re-educate them as atheists and declare victory in the War on Christmas!”

Aside from that, the theme of this week’s rant was mankind’s boundless ability to foul our own nest, examples being the orbiting space debris now threatening to destroy our satellites and that island of non-biodegradable waste floating in the Pacific Ocean that’s estimated to be larger than the state of Texas.

New Rules

“The Rooter of all Evil”… Priceless!

With regards to Bill’s little sermonette at the end, I couldn’t agree more. So, with all due irony, a big Amen to that! But alas, it won’t be. Instead, what follows is far more likely to be typical of the corrosive bilge that can be expected to issue from the scabrous millionaire pieholes of the Right for the next four years: