The Fundamentals of the Economy Are Strong…

Just substitute the above expression for “risky credit default swap” and it will all work out quite nicely.

And the CEO of the ISDA… the trade group behind this whole over-leveraged, entirely mysterious “shadow market” of completely insane, wholly absurd financial contraptions…?

Robert G. Pickle (aka — Bob Pickle). I kid you not.

I stand corrected. Pickel… not Pickle. (That made a big difference, didn’t it?) Now we’re in a PICKEL!

Stick With Dick!

It’s somewhat tragically funny to cast a glance backwards at earlier times and see what energized and excited people then…

Isn’t “Stick with Dick!” the motto of the “Conservatives” at the moment?

Ifill Towers

Too funny… Yes, she “blew us all off”… Imagine that!

As David Gregory said: “She made a decision that she was going to be rhetorical and not substantive…” And this should be surprising, how?

h/t: MoS

Real Time

Seeing as I can’t “bash” Dion on policy, on lack of policy, on the way in which he delivers said policy (or no policy or quasi-improvised-policy), or say anything critical about his candidates, or laugh at his hapless attempts to score a goal playing road hockey, maybe we’ll just move onto something more amusing…

These are all good, but if you just watch one of those clips, let it be the fourth one because that really addresses what should be righteously pissing off everyone these days (the excellent article that Maher alludes to by Fareed Zarkaria can be found here).

He Shoots… He Bores!

Sorry, I wanted to use that line when Ken Dryden was running for leadership of the LPC several hundred years ago, but didn’t for some inexplicable reason. His big, giant head many have gotten in the way of things. But moving on to this…

Try to merge this awful, monstrously tragic video of Stéphane Dion hopelessly floundering about, unable to lift the ball, let alone score a goal (he does manage to get one in the net ultimately in quite underwhelming fashion) at a contrived road hockey photo-op with this and come up with some kind of a narrative. Consider it your own personal “X-Challenge”