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Uh-oh! I think Harper cheerleader and accomplished fellatrix Sandy Crux has some serious competition on her hands from another lovestruck retiree with a puerile crush on the Dear Leader.

WARNING: Persistent viewing of the “Conservative Reporter” may induce blurred vision; dizziness; fatigue; headaches; short-term memory loss; weakness; uncontrollable gagging; drowsiness; and nausea.

Oh Yawn…

Why someone would actually go out of their way to actively encourage the Furious One — because that’s precisely what efforts like this do — escapes me. It’s not like anyone takes the malignant dwarf seriously. Personally, I was under the impression her shtick was performance art. Or a continually failing attempt at comedy perhaps. No…?

Transparency & Accountability

As of this morning, Recovery.gov, the Obama administration’s new website to track spending under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is now up and running.

What do you think the chances of the Harper government doing the same for the billions of dollars being spent as part of their Economic Recovery Plan might be? Zero or none?

“Liberal Media Bias” You Say?

A study in contrasts

Surely not!

Could The Star have possibly found a picture of Harper appearing more gormless and nerdy than the one of him encased in a cheap, ill-fitting suit, complete with his standard-issue helmet hair, a frozen smile on his face and a vacant stare in his eyes that they used to illustrate the alleged “point” being made in this ridiculous article? By contrast, Obama is shown playing basketball, poised for action, with an intense look of serious concentration on his face…

Bush: NOT the Worst President!

At least not according to sixty-five historians and presidential scholars chosen by C-SPAN that ranked Dubya as 36th overall amongst the 42 former presidents. In fact, the “Worst” honour was given to William Henry Harrison, whose term in office lasted just over a month.

It’s hard to see what possible insights the 7th worst president in U.S. history be offering to invited business executives and other notables in Calgary when he privately “converses” with them next month. How to be an epic failure?