An amusing satirical venture hits a rock

Sandy said… There is nothing brilliant about this. It is totally made up. I am asking you to read my response and do something about it immediately. I received no e-mail whatsoever from anyone on that list today. Which means what you are writing is close to defamation.

Thick as a flippin’ plank that one.

Update: What a maroon. Thanks to Scott for working the Google cache.

The Douchebaggery of Zygotes


I don’t often delve into the raging culture wars about abortion/reproductive rights that are enthusiastically engaged in by numerous other blogs, but I did find this post highly amusing:

The votes are in, and 9 out of 10 fetuses prefer defrocked Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to President Barack Obama, according to RenewAmerica. In his weekly column, Reverend Michael Bresciani, who speaks fluent blastocyte, randomly samples a series of wombs, and reports that while Obama remains popular among America’s post-born youth, he enjoys far less support from members of the intrauterine electorate.

If nothing else, it’s worthwhile for coining the expressions “fluent blastocyte” and “intrauterine electorate.”

The “Porkulus” Bill

Comedian Bob Thompson ranting and raving about the stimulus package.

Can a trillion dollars of spending hastily cobbled together by the new U.S. government “stimulate” the global economy? Let’s hope so.

Deflection Accomplished!


Once again, jaded cynics have been vindicated by yesterday’s news that Stephen Harper has quietly dropped his libel suit against the Liberal Party for allegations made that Conservative officials attempted to bribe the independent MP Chuck Cadman with a $1-million insurance policy shortly before his death in exchange for voting against the minority government of Paul Martin.

Of course it was always completely obvious that the lawsuit was nothing but an attempt to silence the Liberal attacks that threatened undermine the Tories’ “core franchise” which, laughably now it seems, was “trust” (at least according to pollster Nick Nanos speaking to The Hill newspaper at the time the allegations surfaced).

It’s also interesting to reflect by on the remarks of York University political scientist James Laxer at the time:

”The Cadman affair dramatically changes the electoral equation. If it turns out that Stephen Harper actually gave party officials the green light to try to financially induce a dying Member of Parliament to vote to bring down the Martin government in 2005, the Prime Minister’s career could be finished. This is one of the most serious allegations to face a Canadian government in decades, and the allegation directly implicates the Prime Minister. If proven, it will be almost impossible for Harper to remain in office.”

Unless of course, our “trusty” Prime Minister launched a cockamamie lawsuit to silence the opposition, cast a chill over any discussion of the issue in the media, and enable him to avoid having to respond to questions about the matter by simply employing the time-honoured evasion of refusing to comment on a matter “currently before the courts” and so on.

Update: Much more insightful (and amusing) coverage from Jeff Jedras. Impolitic raises another irksome aspect of this matter — the millions of dollars being pissed away on the litigious misadventures of the Dear Leader to muzzle his critics.