United Nations v. Free Speech

Apparently, the United Nations upcoming Durban Review Conference (“Durban II”) will propose making it a binding resolution for member countries to make the “defamation of religion” illegal. Oh, United Nations… why are you so retarded handi-capable sometimes?


It seems Alex Jones has found a brand new target for his deeply paranoid conspiracy theories about the Illuminati, New World Order, Bilderbergers, Globalist Fascism, and so on.

BC “Liberal” Budget Blasted

This is a wonderful rant by Corky Evans, the New Democrat MLA for Nelson-Creston in response to the Budget delivered by the BC “Liberal” government earlier in the month. It’s quite a performance, including being admonished at one point by the Chair of the Finance Committee for remarks made with a disrespectful “tone” about the high-handed manner of the Campbell government and for suggesting that the Finance Minister Colin Hansen is a stooge of some kind for party strategists.

A couple of days ago the BC Libs posted a video (embedding, comments and ratings have all been disabled) of Gordon Campbell speaking to the Vancouver Board of Trade about the budget that they described as “support[ing] infrastructure projects to create thousands of jobs and build opportunities in every region of the province while providing stability and confidence for British Columbians by investing in health, education and social services.”

It’s understood that Evans won’t be running in the upcoming provincial election. What a shame. The NDP could really use someone like this as leader.

Where Spam E-mail Originates…

The U.S. is considering sanctions against the Eastern European nation of Koy4goff if it doesn’t reduce the number of unsolicited offers for Viagra, “free money” and replica handbags…

Peter Schiff’s Reaction

The expected negative reaction to last night’s from investor Peter Schiff… As usual, it’s a very concise and cogent takedown on the fundamental premises underlying the plans Obama roughly outlined in his address to Congress. Schiff of course is betting on the outcome of the artificial stimulus to the economy being hyperinflation and an eventual collapse of the dollar.

Note: The picture quality is terrible on this one — it’s hoped that before too long, he’ll invest in an inexpensive digital camera for his lap top.

“An Unmitigated Disaster”

It seems that Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s response to President Obama’s speech received a universal thumbs down from the panel assembled at Fox News last night, which is fairly surprising to say the least. Over at PBS, New York Times columnist David Brooks described the speech as “possibly the worst response… in the history of democracy” and remarked that in a moment when the federal government is the “only show in town” to restore some stability to the economy, to just ignore all that and simply claim that government is the problem is an “insane” form of nihilism. It’s just not where the country is, it’s not where the future of the country is, he said.

Clueless, out-of-touch Bloggin’ Tories were, unsurprisingly, thoroughly impressed by Jindal’s calamitous speech.