The Jobs of Tomorrow!

Who’s fixing YOUR computer?

I hear a lot of about “re-training” people that have been sacked from their jobs. What exactly are they being “re-trained” to do? Is this it… fixing up broken down computers? Or maybe it’s waiting tables at the local Outback Steakhouse.

Charles Darwin: 200 Years

While many people are observing the birthday of Abe Lincoln, let’s not forget that today also marked the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin.

It’s more than probable (indeed quite certain) that his theory of natural selection would have emerged under the aegis of another intrepid author, but doubtful that it would have ever been expressed so compellingly with such delightful eloquence and reverent spirituality.

Update: Wingnuts are, if nothing else, persistent blighters. A Christian ministry called Answers in Genesis is holding anti-Darwin conferences this month, aimed at helping Americans “understand that Darwinian evolution is wrong and that it has undermined the Christian faith and has fueled social ills like racism and abortion” and, rather than commemorating Darwin’s discoveries, are instead encouraging sheep people to “celebrate our Creator who made the universe, life, and humanity in six literal days according to His Word.”


Turning Max Keiser and his panel into cartoons. Brilliant!

Not quite so funny however if you’re paying close attention to what’s being actually being said here. Read the fine print…

“Circle Jerk” Defined


Nothing much to add to this post… just giving props to a masterful exposé of the wretched, ethically-challenged and intellectually depraved suckitude of a particular clique of incestuous, hypocritical and deeply clueless idiots within the catastrophically stupid Borg Blogging Tories “Collective”… (I’m deliberately refraining from using the otherwise charming term “Hive Mind” for the simple reason that description implies a highly dubious proposition at the outset).

Marketing to Yutes

Here’s a pretty funny promo featuring Dan Speerin (not his first appearance here…) for his new show “The What Is” that airs (I think) on BiteTV in Canada and on Propeller TV in the UK and Europe. Whatever those are…

Too bad it’s not on a more conventional basic cable channel for old farts like me… Get with it Comedy Channel. Stop showing hackneyed stand-ups and those endless re-runs of Just for Laughts from the last decade that we’ve all seen umpteen times over and try airing some new, original material for a change.

Dot Coms & Other Oddballs

The other night, O’Reilly interviewed former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer who explained his disbelief at President Barack Obama’s choice to answer a question from the Huffington Post during his primetime news conference.

Fleischer said he used to tell Bush to stay away from “the dot coms and other oddballs.”

I only mention this because it reminded me of the question that Americablog’s Joe Sudbay was going to (but didn’t get to) ask at Obama’s first press conference:

Last week, thirty-six of the forty-one Republican Senators voted for an amendment that would strip all spending from the economic stimulus package, and instead rely only on tax cuts in their version of the stimulus. How are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?

Apparently, Sudbay devised this fiendishly clever question in tandem with John Avarosis. I’m not sure if the irony was intended there, or whether they had perhaps simply forgotten Guckert/Gannon’s infamous question at the Bush presser from 2005…

Questions Without Answers

Michael Ignatieff asks why Canadian livestock producers were left out of the budget.

Here, we simply ask: Why did the Liberals support this budget?

Every time one of these stupid, pointless videos appears, we’ll ask the same question. Over and over and over and…

Look… Over There: A Shiny Rock!

Typical Conservatives. The economy is tanking, in no small part due to their hopeless mismanagement (runaway spending, combined with ill-advised multi-billion tax cuts) and they’ve got not solution the problem short of madly flailing about, desperately hurling of billions of high-end tax cuts, mysterious tax credits and some pretend, one-off, use-it-or-lose-it, likely-never-to-be-seen matching funds for infrastructure projects at the problem. So, what to do… what to do? How on earth can they shore up their political base and distract everyone from the issues that really matter? Oh yeah… of course! Drag out every whacky, harebrained, crackpot notion from the extreme lunatic fringes of the party (especially seeing as they’re really pissed about their fiscal recklessness).

First up to bat… GUNS! It’s an issue that’s been pretty much happily dormant for the last three years, but now is the perfect time to fire up the culture war again over guns. And next up to the plate…CRIME! Especially that scary, nebulous, weird freaky kind that takes place over the Internets! Can ABORTION be far behind? Methinks not. Paging “Dr” McVety…