Fireside Chat 2.0

Well, what did you think of President Obama’s non-State of the Union speech tonight?

With a few exceptions, I thought it was a pretty mediocre effort overall, but perhaps that’s not surprising under the circumstances given the delicate balancing act involved. Specifics (the way Clinton used to do) were lacking and he’s bound to be heavily criticized for that. Amongst other things… Right-wing bloggers were hard at work demolishing the speech before, during and after.

“Outrage All Over the Place”

Sarah Palin apologist John Ziegler, appeared on the Today Show yesterday to discuss his new film Media Malpractice with Matt Lauer.

For some curious reason the interview prompted many of Captain Ed’s Hot Airheads to accuse Lauer of being gay (in addition to “effeminate” and a “pussy” — although out of civility the actual word used was “pansy”).

This morning, Ziegler appeared on MSNBC to mix it up with Norah O’Donnell, calling NBC an “advocacy organization” and wondering why O’Donnell didn’t get fired after misquoting Sarah Palin.

Of course, it would be easy to dismiss Ziegler as little more than another right-wing whiner (as I’m sure many “liberals” will do), were it not for the fact that the allegations of bias documented in the film aren’t without legitimacy.

And… What Was the Answer?

I know that I’ve complained about this before, but what’s the point of just showing the question without knowing what the response was?

These videos are incredibly frustrating and aren’t informative in any way at all. It’s completely puzzling to me why the Liberals keep posting them… At the very least, they could provide their version of what the answer from the Government side of the House was.

Deadly Mathematics


The Formula That Killed Wall Street

According to the cover story in current issue of Wired magazine, this is the mathematical formula for greed that played a crucial role in the global economic fucktastrophe.


Urgh. I’m getting so sick and tired of reading articles such as the one that appeared on the front page of the Globe & Mail this morning by Harvard historian Niall Ferguson with the lurid title “There will be blood.” His prediction of “prolonged financial hardship” (and even war) certainly won’t bring much cheer to the Harper government that’s still officially operating on the premise of a modest recovery taking place sometime next year.

Canada is [considered] a winner because its banks are less leveraged, bank regulation here has been tighter, because its housing market hasn’t been in a bubble quite the same way. It’s tempting to conclude from that … that Canada will be less hard hit in the crisis than the United States. But that is unfortunately wrong. Because this is a very unfair crisis. The epicentre is the United States, but the rest of the world, and particularly America’s trading partners, will get hit harder than the U.S.”

“It suggests virtue is its own reward. You don’t get any reward beyond the self-satisfaction of having been virtuous. This is a crisis of globalization. Therefore, the more an economy depends on the global system, the harder it hurts. Canada is not finding the worst. Asian economies are going to be really slammed this year. But it’s an unfair world. The U.S. won’t be as badly affected as most countries.”

Not to minimize or downplay the situation by any means, you have wonder at what point relentlessly gloomy prophecies like this start to become self-fulfilling.

“Tea Party” Madness

Last week, CNBC commentator Rick Santelli publicly voiced the sentiments of many angry Americans (supposedly) when he called on the government to stop bailing out failing institutions and “rewarding bad behavior.”

Fired up by outraged wingnuts, a grassroots movement has been launched calling on people to throw a new “Tea Party” in protest.

It’s hard to see how this will be at all helpful in restoring confidence in the market or do anything other than exacerbate an already bad situation. Meanwhile, Santelli is now running around the right-wing talk radio circuit ludicrously claiming that the White House is threatening him and that as a result his kids are nervous about going to school.

By the way, I wonder how many people will fall for this article and take it as being genuine.