Orwellian or Just Unwell?

Oh, how I just looooove Michele “Crazy Eyes” Bachmann! If there’s a God in Heaven, He will make the deranged SoCon whackaloon that unfortunately represents Minnesota’s 6th congressional district the running mate for Sarah Palin in 2012. Imagine the non-stop hilarity!

Washington editor of The Nation nicely sums things up: “This sounds like someone who gets the entirety of their politics from listening to Rush Limbaugh and reading I really think that like there’s a significant portion of the Republican House caucus that… exist in this very intense, fervent, ideologically extreme, sheltered, withdrawn, inbred, subculture of real, real, hard right-wingery.”

Wow! That sounds like a bang-on description of the Bloggin’ Tories.

Steve in The Situation Room

The flip-side to the previous post. Harper appeared today on CNN’s Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

The video comes via the Conservative Party that has, in typical fashion, disabled the ratings and comments. Thou shalt not downrate nor shall ye comment unfavourably on the Dear Leader! Look only in wonder and awe, feeble mortals!

Mansbridge One on One

With the Honorable* Barack Obama

If (like me) you missed the interview on The National last night with that impertinent scamp Peter Mansbridge trying to “one-up” the Dear Leader by preemptively stealing the spotlight for nefarious purposes known only to the addle-brained “Conservative Reporter”… well, here it is for your edification.

I presume there’s much hilarity to be found in the comments to the above-linked post, but I really can’t bring myself to confirm that.

*How extremely bizarre.

Evolution and Creationism in England

Skeptic Magazine editor Michael Schermer recently visited Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol, England and met with the owner, a “kindly creationist gentleman” named Anthony Bush.

As we started our tour Mr. Bush made it clear to me that he did not to be confused with those “loonie American creationists” who think that the earth is only 6,000 years old. No, no, the Earth is much older than that, he proclaimed. “How old do you think it is?” I queried. “Oh, I’ve worked it out to be around 100,000 years old, with Adam and Eve at around 21,000 years old.” No, indeed, there was no confusing Mr. Bush with those nutty American creationists! And what was happening between those two time spans? If I understood Mr. Bush correctly, he believes that between the creation at 100,000 years ago and Adam and Eve 21,000 years ago, there was the pre-Adamite period during which the dinosaurs roamed.

What can you say about such stunning ignorance?

A Man with a Plan

Or rather, I should say, many plans… all of them half-baked, unfortunately. Case in point, yesterday’s idle ruminations by the blogger known as “Raphael Alexander” on the possible sale of federal assets by the Harper government.

Just as easily as I assessed possible cuts to governmental departments a few days ago, we could also look at ways to sell off assets that aren’t essential to the quality of life of Canadians, and might possibly improve under private control.

Ah yes, “just as easily” indeed. It’s recalled that three quarters of the nearly $5 billion or so in government spending cuts prescribed by “Raphael Alexander” was made up of simply axing the Department of Canadian Heritage in its entirety. The remainder of the cuts involved slashing funding to groups this individual appears to find especially irksome: immigrants, artists, women, aborignals, and so on. Did I mention immigrants?

As for his latest recommendations:

I would certainly be open to selling off Canada Post, making it simply another courier.

La-di-da… ain’t we grand? He would “be open” to the idea of privatizing mail delivery. Well then, let’s hope the government fully appreciates this openness and seizes the opportunity to consult with “Raphael Alexander” quickly before he changes his mind!

As for the rest of the post, aside from dismissing any need for Via Rail, there’s simply no “there there” as they say. Quite likely, the same could be said of Flaherty’s plans in this regard.