Andy Kaufman Called… He Wants His Act Back

In case you missed Joaquin Phoenix’s extremely odd performance on Letterman the other night, here it is for your, um, enjoyment. Very, very weird.

James Wolcott has more here. Note that the above clip may well end up getting removed by CBS as they’ve pulled down other ones due to copyright infringement, but I’m quite certain that you’ll be able to find one around someplace. It’s definitely worth checking out. You know, in a gruesome, train-wrecky sort of way.

Blackwater Adopts Inscrutable, Opaque Name

Ah yes, nothing like a little re-branding to make the past go away…

The second part features an interview with independent journalist Pratap Chatterjee discussing his new book, Halliburton’s Army: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War; the role of military contractors in Iraq, KBR and the future of outsourced war.



It’s bizarre what passes for “humour” in Shaidle-land.

What a sick, twisted little runt.

Update: Speaking of the Furious One, I endured that dreadful TVO panel discussion (the atrocity of which is documented here) about atheism this afternoon. With the exception of the jovial Dr. Robert Buckman that was a certainly a pretty dismal affair, wasn’t it?

Hurry Up & Die Already


The “free market” has spoken (again):

Canwest, publisher of the National Post daily newspaper, has said it will try to exit non-core businesses and is considering the sale of five conventional TV stations. But analysts say there may not be any prospective purchasers waiting in the wings.

Even if the properties are sold, the proceeds would barely make a dent in Canwest’s debtload of about C$3.7 billion ($2.96 billion).

“They’re on the verge of bankruptcy,” CIBC World Markets analyst Bob Bek said of the company. “The equity has been reflecting that for some time.”

Shares of Winnipeg, Manitoba-based Canwest were changing hands at 49 Canadian cents each on the Toronto Stock Exchange. About a year ago, they were worth C$6.11 each.

Hooray! It’s another great day for capitalism!

Gee, I wonder where all those smarty-pants pundits at the National Post will end up when the Aspers’ vanity project finally bites the dust… Will there be enough wingnut welfare to go around to keep all of them off the streets and prevent them from having to suffer the ultimate indignity of sponging like low-life parasites on the already overburdened backs of honest, hardworking taxpayers?

Note: In case you were wondering, yes, the above graphic is shamelessly ripped off from SDA, where Kate enthusiastically welcomes every dire report concerning the financial woes of so-called “liberal” media stalwarts such as the NYT, LAT, etc. while studiously avoiding any mention of the fact that News Corp. is hemorrhaging billions or that right-leaning papers such as the Tribune are basically insolvent.

A Conversation with Joseph Stiglitz

I’ve been watching a lot of lectures by Stiglitz in recent weeks (he’s a prolific author so there’s many lengthy discussions online in connection with his various books and papers) and, while I can’t profess to understand all that much of his underlying theories, he’s one of the most articulate and engaging speakers on economic matters — a subject that, quite frankly, used to bore me to tears more often than not, but for obvious reasons, has taken on a grim, if not positively morbid fascination these days.


FDA Approves Depressant Drug For The Annoyingly Cheerful

Pfizer introduces a new drug designed to treat the symptoms of excessive perkiness. Experts have hailed the new prescription medication as “a huge step forward in the battle against exuberance.”