Bring Back the Guillotine!

Okay, not really… but there’s a certain Esprit de Grève in the air, no?

Whether or not you subscribe to his opinions about the economy, Max Keiser’s new BBC program “The Oracle” is a pretty entertaining romp though what’s most often (especially these days) quite dismal fare.

Tory Times…

How’s the Great Helmsman doing these days? You know, that “steady hand” on the tiller of our economy, etc.

Canada suffered its worst job losses in over three decades in January as the recession forced employers to cut a record 129,000 workers and pushed the unemployment rate to 7.2% from 6.6% in December. The report by Statistics Canada showed the biggest monthly downturn in employment since the federal agency began using its current methodology in 1976. It also showed record job losses in the manufacturing sector.

“I can’t see one glimmer of hope in this report when we dig beneath the headlines,” said Derek Holt, economist at Scotia Capital. “The optimists are just taking body blows all over the place here,” he said.

The Canadian dollar fell immediately after the report to C$1.2506 to the U.S. dollar, or 79.96 U.S. cents, from C$1.2415, or 80.55 U.S. cents, earlier.

More gloom here and of course at the StatsCan website which is a pretty dire place of late.

Liberal QP Videos

Another day, and a pile more videos of Liberal MPs asking questions… many, many questions.

As for the answers — well, we never get to see those. What’s the point?

Update: As noted in the comments, nice job screwing up Mr. Dhaliwal’s first name.