Your Money at Work

Oh look, the Saskatchewan government has spent a whopping $16 million to change a nursing college in Regina into “state of the art” office space — and then back again to a nursing college!

Funnily enough, Kate (Canada’s BESTEST blogger, don’t you know) is strangely missing in action on this story. Thankfully however, she’s watching that shifty Barrack HUSSEIN Obama character like a hawk!

Dear LPC…

It’s great that you’re now churning out excerpts from the parliamentary Question Period in rapid-fire fashion these days, but would it be too much to ask that you folks get the name of your MPs correct? Your MP in Etobicoke North is Kirsty Duncan, not “Kristy” as indicated here.

Also, how about showing the responses from the government side of the House to the questions being posed by Liberal MPs so that we all have a bit more of a holistic context. The way these videos are currently being edited (i.e., only presenting one side of the argument and abruptly cutting off once the question has been posed) seems very much like cheating to me.

Finally, rather than assuming people are familiar with the issues being discussed, why not provide a capsule summary in the description together with links that people can follow up on to learn more about them if they’re so inclined.

Update: I see they’ve corrected it now.

Wanted: VP Marketing for CREEPS

Uh-oh! The SS Harper is sinking!

From the comments over at the Toronto Star regarding the departure of “Harper’s brain” from the PMO to rejoin his family in the USA:

Stevie Co. CA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Conservative & Republican Engine to Eradicate Progressive Solutions Inc. (CREEPS), seeks motivated, dogmatic candidates to champion an aggressive market strategy to discredit, besmirch, misrepresent, misinterpret and ultimately eradicate international efforts to entrench shared values that regulate trade through limits to the use of overt military force and economic coercion to shape humanity and civilization into the form of the one true spirit: Greed.

The selected candidate will be responsible for CREEPS Inc. corporate messaging and branding to advance sales of our cheap to manufacture, high profit margin line of big name consumable products such as ANXIETY, FEAR and TOTAL IGNORANCE as CREEPS continues its decades of success to crush and destroy the capacity of ailing competitors selling OPTIMISM built using expensive High Hopes processes based on inclusive collaborative methods that prop up the menace of human decency and shared values.

Should be interesting to see if the change in personnel makes any difference to the Conservative’s “marketing “ efforts…

Another Olympic Boondoggle

I’m shocked! Simply shocked that the taxpayers of Vancouver are being swindled as a result of another financial cock-up in connection with the Olympics®.

Why anyone actually bothers hosting these athletic extravaganzas completely escapes me. They’re almost always a financial black hole — in this case an almost $6 billion one.

The Auto Bailout

The saga continues… This is the first part (there’s an embedded link at the end to the second part) of a fascinating interview between Paul Jay and York University professor and former CAW research director Sam Gindin about the sorry state of the American (and Canadian) automakers and some of the factors that have contributed to their demise.

The Further Adventures of “Joe the Plumber”

Fresh from his probing expose of the recent war in Gaza, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher has moved on now to chatting up GOP congressional staffers in Washington. The other day at a breakfast meeting he urged them to kill the stimulus package because it’s an example of “American government … kicking our butts left and right.”

Joe Wurzelbacher: plumber, political pundit, journalist, and now an economist. Maybe he’ll become a spaceman next.