Big Oil & “Demon Mathematics”

Ah ha! So that’s how the oil companies are ripping us off at the pump…

For whatever it’s worth, “Dutch rounding” also goes by the following names: Convergent rounding, Statistician’s rounding, Gaussian rounding, Elitist rounding, and Bankers’ rounding. Those all seem like kind of flowery ways to describe the most bog standard algorithm commonly employed when the digit(s) following the rounding digit starts with a five and has no non-zero digits after it.

Buzz Hargove vs. Dragons Den

We keep coming back to the issue of the government bailout of the North American automakers because it seems so symbolic of the challenges now being confronted as the economy tanks and different ideological views of how best to solve the problem are hashed out…

Last month, in advance of the most recent budget from the deficit-busting “Conservative” government, Buzz Hargrove, former head of the Canadian Auto Worker’s Union, pled the case of the Canadian automakers to the panel of entrepreneurs (“Dragons”) from the CBC’s venture-capitalist program (yes, the irony is ripe indeed) as to why the auto sector deserved help.

Given a fictional amount of $20 billion to disperse in order to boost the Canadian economy, the “Dragons” gave precisely ZERO to the auto sector. Unsurprisingly, anarcho-Capitalist Dragon Kevin O’Leary called the Big 3 “losers” that should just be allowed to fail.

The Case Against Homework

On a recent edition of the CBS News “Assignment America” feature, correspondent Steve Hartman met up with a precocious 5th grade student from Long Island, New York who argued in an open letter published last month in The Daily News, that homework is “cruel, inhumane, stressful, unhealthy,” and ultimately, illegal (being a form of “slavery” it’s contended). Berrafato urged his fellow students to rise up and “unite against homework.”

I’m not entirely sure that I agree with the premise, but maybe he’s onto something