Stimulis® (Bullshitisol)

Because all economies have… performance issues.

A cute parody of the Obama “stimulus” package from the folks at Reason TV.

Side-effects may include hyperinflation, stagnation, dollar devaluation, earmarks, excessive debt, bankruptcy, loss of jobs, growth of welfare state, expansion of nanny state, unrealized expectations, economic impotence, depression, halitosis, and sweaty palms…


Failed publisher of a governmet subsidized right-wing rag

I really have neither the time nor the patience to pick and sort through this concatenation of excrement to demonstrate what a shallow and seriously twisted little partisan hack Ezra Levant is, but allow me to highlight just one of many egregious turds in this morning’s desperate apologetic regarding Harper’s catastrophically awful budget.

But perhaps the most important reason why conservatives shouldn’t be too depressed by this budget is that it doesn’t create any new, permanent government programs that will continue to drain the treasury for generations to come. There are no new “product lines,” such as a national daycare or pharmacare program that would be difficult to uproot. The bulk of the spending is in tangible one-off programs, such as rebuilding roads and bridges and low-cost housing.

There you go… Low-cost, affordable housing for average working families is regarded by this smarmy, hypocritical prick as a “one-off” program. Do I really have to explain what’s entirely wrong with that?

It’s funny (in a curious and ironic way) that while Levant joyously celebrates the fact that Harper’s budget “doesn’t create any new, permanent government programs that will continue to drain the treasury for generations to come” he simultaneously revels in the fact that “the GST cuts continue to pour $12-billion a year back into consumers’ pockets.”

Wow. Can’t you just feel your, um, “pockets” swelling as you read this?

SEC: “Deaf, Dumb and Blind”

I don’t know where to start with this. Just watch and enjoy New York Congressman Gary Ackerman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, Insurance, and Government Sponsored Enterprises ream out members of the Securities and Exchange Commission this morning in connection with the $50 billion investment fraud engineered by Bernie Madoff.

“The economy is in crisis,” said Ackerman. “We thought the enemy was Mr. Madoff. I think it’s you… Your value to us is useless. Your value to the American people is worthless, your contribution to this proceeding is zero.”

More fun here. Oh, and as a side note, the trustee liquidating Madoff’s investment firm, told a federal judge today that nearly $950 million in cash and securities has been recovered. Good. That only leaves about $49 billion to go.

Storming the Bastille

How predictable that the only self-described “socialist” in Congress is the one person who can always be relied on to hold Wall Street accountable for its outrageous greed and tone-deaf excess.

Somewhat related to this, the other night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart attempted to (again) promote his “trickle up” theory of economics while interviewing former Fed governor and corpulent Bush advisor Lawrence Lindsey, describing it as an “insurance policy against revolution.” Aside from being a wryly acidic comment on Lindsey’s own past writings, it spoke to what may well be a mounting sentiment of revulsion at the former “Masters of the Universe” that have wrecked the global economy for the time being through their willful ignorance, shameless arrogance, irresponsible behaviour, and obdurate stupidity.

Update: The smooth-talking version…

What a nice summation: “widely distributed risk and narrowly concentrated reward” and “let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the essential”…