Alan Grayson on Real Time

I think it may be safe to assume this snippet from Real Time won’t get zapped by HBO as it’s on Grayson’s YouTube channel, but who knows? In any case, the usual caveat goes with these things, so enjoy while you can…

I haven’t been taking in the TV news that much lately, but have caught more than a few interviews with Representative Grayson here and there on the Intertubes. Along with his fellow straight-shooting House Democrats from the 9th Districts of New York and Ohio (i.e., Anthony Weiner and Marcy Kaptor, respectively), he’s a joy to watch and a refreshing change from the equivocating douchebags, corporate shills and mercenary sell-outs that more frequently seem to populate the ranks of the Democratic Party these days.

And just to re-purpose this a bit into a Canadian context, when on earth are we going to see some charismatic firebrands emerging on the Left up here that are willing and able to speak truth to power, cut through the copious boatloads of crapola dished up every day by government flunkies and slavish media hacks? In other words, politicians actually capable of galvanizing people to get even somewhat interested in whatever it is the Liberals and/or NDP have to say? (Presuming that is, they have anything at all worth listening to…)

RMR: Liberal GPS (& Rant)

Don’t know where you’re going, with confidence.

I’m sure many folks have already seen this, but I just caught it on last night’s repeat of RMR.

Of course, the great thing about Mercer is that he’s an equal opportunity offender when it comes to skewering politicians as in his “streeter” from the same show.