In the Beginning was The Word…

Or not so much. This topic was actually raised in the comments the other day and has now hit the mainstream media (or basic cable anyway).

If you have the time and/or inclination, it could be fun to translate some Biblical passages as you might imagine the goofy wingnuts sponsoring this project would do. The Book of Deuteronomy might be a good place to start, or some of those lefty-socialist tracts from the New Testament. For example, Matthew 19:21 could be, um, interesting when transcribed into conservatese.

Update: Looking again at the Conservapedia’s hilarious “ten principles” such as “explaining the numerous economic parables with their full free-market meaning,” made me a little curious as to the origin and purpose of the King James version of the Bible. In case you’re interested, Wikipedia has a fascinating history of its convoluted development and the subsequent variations that resulted when the document got into the hands of printers, who would, for example, insert words “when they thought a line needed to be padded.” Heh.

Smoking is Gay

A new anti-smoking campaign from the CDC reaches teens with a simple message: if you smoke, people are going to think you’re totally crazy for butt sex.

And just forget any thoughts you may have had about making a sassy comment about pole-smoking…

Bonus feature: Speaking of PSAs and PIFs — Be afraid!

Crime & Punishment

I’ll be perfectly frank here and admit that I don’t have the time or interest to fully plunge into this issue with any great insight (sorry, but I have to confess that I find criminal activity and its purported remedies to be a supremely boring subject that’s usually about as phenomenally uninteresting as the perpetrators themselves), however I did note in passing this morning our friend Jeff’s remarks about the Liberals’ problematic stance on the issue and he asks some valid questions.

As a point of reference, and perhaps by way of serendipity, I also happened to watch this news report from the BBC this morning:

Sign of things to come perhaps?

I know the idea of addressing the socio-economic causality of crime is vastly more complex and difficult to remedy than simply focusing on purported methods of deterrence (that are proven to be ineffective), but it would be nice to see an honest debate about the issue rather than the usual bullshit about cracking down on offenders and doling out harsher sentences, etc.

Franken on Net Neutrality

Senator Al Franken (man, that still sounds a bit weird) speaking at the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit at Georgetown University yesterday about the issue of net neutrality.

If you’ve never explored this controversial telecommunications issue before, listening to his speech (more of it here, here and here) is a pretty good place to start. (I’m sure others can provide more links in the comments to other resources about this subject if they’re inclined to do so…)

And to all those right-wingers who thought Franken was nothing but a ridiculous liberal “clown” — well, fuck you. Do you think that unctuous slimebag and Bush pole-stroker Norm Coleman would have stood up in Congress for your right to fair and open net access? No, I didn’t think so either.

h/t: Thanks to Mox News for another yeoman job capturing this!