Poll Wanking

The Power Play pundits discuss the latest poll results.

Personally, I could really give a toss about polls of any kind most of the time and furthermore contend that 82 percent of Canadians between the ages of 18 and 75 share that opinion, with an error margin of approximately 3-5 % at 95% confidence level, 18 times out of 20.

However, I know some people just love opining over this stuff, so have at it if you feel the need.

Michael Moore v. Sean Hannity

This is why you can never talk to some so-called “conservatives”…

Notice how throughout this “exclusive interview” (which is hardly anything of the kind given Moore has made the rounds of just about every talk-show on cable TV over the past several weeks promoting his new movie) Hannity deploys numerous logical fallacies, patent lies and shifty evasions to dodge every question that Moore fires back at him.

Especially funny is Hannity’s contention that the economic collapse was caused by poor people living beyond their means — despite FBI estimates that directly contradict this ridiculous notion promulgated by the right — and his inability to recall what the nature of the sermon was in the church he claimed to have attended on the weekend. What an amazing douchebag.

Introducing: Brandon Walker

Keep an eye on this kid — I think he’s got definite potential.

YouTube videos where people yammer on at their webcam aren’t usually enjoyable, but this young fellow is quite funny and occasionally insightful.

A future Canadian version of Jon Stewart? Hey, who knows… If so, that would certainly be nice. We need some observational commentary that isn’t on channel 100-whatever (Newsnet, C-PAC, for example) and the usual collection of creaky fossils, grumpy pundits and snarky chowderheads that we’re forced to endure as arbiters of our political scene. Time for some new blood!